Overcoming Sorrow and Pain

Stop Pretending!

stop pretending imageWe, too often, pretend to the outside world that everything is going right but, in truth, on the inside, we are hurting.In order to get well you have to take your mask off and stop pretending to the world and yourself.

Filling in the gaps

After a hectic 2013 and certainly a stormy start to a new year, I spent some time in reflection hoping to find a greater meaning and purpose for what my next few months and year will bring forth. We are all reminded daily of the powerful forces of nature and how it impacts our lives.

Breaking Bad

Not to be confused with the television series This article is about those of you who are stuck in a poor pathway in life. You continue to conduct the same actions and behaviors over and over again. It is almost like you are stuck in repeat mode.

Picking up the Pieces

At what point in your life is it time to pick up the pieces and move forward? Too often, we become saddled by life's challenges and trials. Instead of looking ahead, we begin living in the past memories of those challenging events. We start asking all the what if's and whys; and we quickly get hung up on them.

Increasing your value

How much do you value yourself? I believe one of the greatest challenges in life is learning your net worth and appreciating every aspect of your authentic being. We start scrutinizing ourselves by placing our lives under a microscope - especially when things do not go the way we want them to go.