Overcoming Loneliness

Picking up the Pieces

At what point in your life is it time to pick up the pieces and move forward? Too often, we become saddled by life's challenges and trials. Instead of looking ahead, we begin living in the past memories of those challenging events. We start asking all the what if's and whys; and we quickly get hung up on them.

Increasing your value

How much do you value yourself? I believe one of the greatest challenges in life is learning your net worth and appreciating every aspect of your authentic being. We start scrutinizing ourselves by placing our lives under a microscope - especially when things do not go the way we want them to go.

Will I ever find true love?

I am tired of looking for true love. Every time I think I have found the "right one" for me, something happens and we fall apart. Will I ever find true love? �� Is this you? If I had a dime for each time someone said that, I would be a multimillionaire. The hard truth is that if you are "looking" for true love, you will never find it.

Let your New Year begin with Forgiveness

The nicest part about going into the New Years is that you are allowed another chance to start fresh. This is why, symbolically, the New Year is represented by a newborn. As you rang in 2014, were your mind and heart in the right place? If you are still carrying heavy emotional baggage and negative energy with you now, it will follow you throughout this New Year. Don't do this to yourself! The best antidote for feelings of resentment, regret, anger and jealousy is forgiveness.

Intuition - Embracing the challenge

In life, we are destined to meet with challenges and roadblocks. Sometimes the inevitability of these events stops us dead in our tracks and virtually "wakes" us up to our surroundings and the atmosphere to which we have created for ourselves. Other times, these circumstances and situations are part of the Universe's way of saying, "Look, listen, and learn." As an awakened and intuitive being I've discovered there are both internal and external events in and out of our control. What do I mean by that?