Making the Connection

Writing in a sacred journal offers numerous blessings.

Feel the sincere gratification in your life begin to flow as you begin to nurture your mind and spirit by starting to write in your very own sacred journal.  When you start writing in your sacred journal, you begin to rediscover your inner voice and suddenly, you find self-fulfillment and an amazing sense of inner peace flow through you in the many aspects of your life.

Do you think you are living at a disadvantage?

If you believe you are disadvantaged in your life and that is why you can’t get ahead, that is exactly how your life will play out.   It is impossible for you to have all the advantages that life has to offer if you don’t believe it is possible for you and that it belongs to you too!  If you want to manifest for your life you must get rid of a lack mentality and develop an abundant

Use your words to build up not tear down!

Would it be so much better in the world if we could use our words to build up instead of tear down? Each one of us should be conscious of how we use words on a daily basis. We use words all the time to communicate, to inspire, to hurt and to express love. We need to become more aware of our tone of voice, our body language and how we express our feelings. It would serve each one of us more if we refused to let any evil talk come out of our mouths.

There is always a reason for our pain!

All of us have things we don't understand about life in general and in our personal lives, in particular, that is because we don't know the ���WHY'. Why is it part of our life and why is it happening. It is like a piece of the puzzle that doesn't seem to fit and somehow doesn't appear to connect to the whole story. We get lonely, physically or emotionally sick, lose a job or a relationship yet in the eyes of God, this piece of our lives is part of the bigger picture.

As above so below

I was recently at a talk that was speaking to the health of our coral reefs around the world. As I listened, I began to see a great correlation between what is happening under the water to what is happening above.

How can you keep going when chaos surrounds your world?

Drastic change is occurring in the world daily and sometimes it leaves us feeling quite challenged, fearful of what tomorrow will bring and wondering if our lives will ever improve. Fear is a destructive emotion that can paralyze us if we don't reel it in and stay focused. Too many people move into negative behavior such as excessive drinking, gambling, binge eating or harmful drugs that seem to place a veil over the problems but never resolve them. We may not verbalize it but I know a lot of people are trying to figure our how to cope in the face of chaos.