intuitively prepared

Obey that small still voice

Our Creator speaks to us in so many ways through our small still voice within. The question is, do we pay attention and care? Our lives would be so much better if we did! You see, we always have the opportunity to avoid unnecessary pain and heart tribulations if we would be more willing to listen to our promptings and learn how to utilize the powerful gift of the Universe that will always tell us the truth.


Do you know what your purpose is for your life?

It is important to distinguish between the truth and error. If you cannot make that determination, you will falter often and feel deeply challenged and/or defeated.To be able to discern truthfully for your life really starts at early childhood. We are taught by our parents first to know the truth and speak the truth but if you have not had that advantage, it would greatly serve you and your life if you were prepared now to make right choices and valued decisions for your life.

Don't let anyone control your mind!

In this world that we live in today, we are continually bombarded by powerful forces who are trying to control our minds, to squeeze our thoughts, ideas and reasoning into their mold. They want us to see life through their eyes and therefore, accept what they say as the truth. Please stay alert and refuse to take someone else's thought as the gospel truth!