Keep a good attitude

Just as in the story of Job in the bible, Our Heavenly Father allows the enemy to tempt and do all he can to trip us up.  When we stay in faith and keep a good attitude, we can and will survive as we pass through the storm.  We will, however, not only survive we will also start to thrive as we are also propelled into our greatness.  When we choose to heal our lives in all areas,

Don’t water what you don’t want!

Water only those things that you desire!  If you continually water the weeds in your life, they will flourish and prosper. That is why you should only water and nurture those things, whether thoughts, ideas or hopes that you want to see grow. You can’t feed you past and your future at the same time!  Maybe it’s time for you to feed your faith, your trust in a Source greater than yourself and learn how to water and nurture that wonderful powerful source of all goodness.

Hope is the anchor of our salvation

When we are anchored to our hope we trust that we are safe and secure and that nothing will pull us towards discouragement or helplessness. Sometimes we are caught up in a poor attitude and we move into a state of self-pity but we should not wallow in those thoughts. Instead we need to stay anchored, or tied to hope, possibilities and trust that with God on our side, our lives will turn around in His timing.

Is your hope alive and well?

Could you imagine where people would be if hope didn't exist? That's a valuable and priceless commodity. Many people today have allowed themselves to sink into depression and loneliness. I realize that you can't build a life on "hope" alone. Part of this is true - you can't build anything on just hope, but it's a good start to a solid foundation. Hoping for something to happen, and then actively pursuing your hope is the ideal way to achieve greatness. All successful people started out hoping to achieve something great.

Believe that you are never alone.

Sometimes we want to move forward in our lives but we feel inadequate or unsure of our own knowledge and strength. If we would stay in hope and trust in a Source far greater than our own strength, nothing is impossible. When you have unshakable faith, that is, believe without a shadow of a doubt, something different and wonderful will come into your life because you are receiving the favor of your Creator, who is your partner - nothing is impossible. Please note, however, you cannot simply sit and ���Hope', you also must take appropriate action and be prepared for your success.

How much faith do you have?

Faith -Hope stonesWe all think that we have sufficient faith to get us through but in truth, we too often seem to lose faith more often than we maintain it. In our dark hour we lose all hope and faith because everything seems impossible but during those hours of hopeless, God has a way to change anything for us.

Who is winning the battle?

Praise godAre you trying to prove to God that you are bigger, better and smarter then he is or are truly wise and know that God is in control of everything? We may not like the situation that we are faced with today, but we MUST take a step back and learn the lessons that God is hoping to teach us.