Fulfilling Life Purpose

Don't let guilt or anger destroy your future!

As long as you hold onto the hurt, the pain from the pass, it will poison and contaminate your life. When you forgive you are not excusing another's behavior, you are simply releasing the toxicity and poison out of you. Forgiveness is not forgetting but rather a letting go so thatinner peacecan come forward. It is all about letting it go if you want to feel free and ready to move on. Yes it is difficult but you still don't have to stay stuck in bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness.

Do you feel as though you are being overlooked?

Do your thoughts make you feel insignificant and as a result continually push you down as you move into mediocrity? Do you feel insignificant and overlooked by others? Well, it is time to stand tall, open your heart wide and continue to believe that with God, you will be raised up, uplifted and prospered. God always sees your potential and knows your heart. He is preparing you for your best days yet.

Is your life meaningful?

As we crave to enjoy more for our lives and pray for increased blessings, we need to be reminded that along with increased blessings comes greater responsibilities and stronger faith. Patience is a beautiful attribute; it is often something we seem to chase after yet fail to grasp. Patience is required in order to acquire a fruitful and successful end result. If you have a goal that you what to work towards, it requires more than wishful think, it requires determination, resilience and a strong will to keep going no matter what surfaces. Trust me!

Train your mind to be inquisitive

thought balloon copyTrain your mind to be inquisitive, always searching, always seeking. I believe that we as humans are naturally curious, always wondering why or how something goes together. I know that I am! I always ask questions and seek out someone who is smarter than I or at least has a greater knowledge about a particular topic that I want to know more about.

You can be the one to set a new standard for you and your family.

So often we are living in the shadows of our parents and ancestors. By that I mean, that just because our past family members experienced poor health, addictions or shortcomings does not mean that you have to have those same experiences or that you will re-live the past. I want to make this very clear you are not the past and you can change your DNA by changing your thoughts and beliefs, which in turn will change your outcome!

What nourishes your soul?

To nourish means to supply with what is necessary for life, health and growth. When I speak about nourishing the body, we all get the idea that we need to supply our bodies with food and hopefully good food and maybe exercise. Yet when I speak about nourishing the soul, many people turn a deaf ear! They don't know what I am speaking about and most people don't even want to discuss that topic.