Finding Acceptance

Would you marry you?

This question was asked of our clients in a workshop who were having difficulty in many areas of their lives and not seeing the forest for the trees. This problem happens to many of us because we are so attached to a particular situation that we fail to recognize the bigger picture or the larger scenario.


believe written in sandIsn't it time to trust have faith increase your hopefulness and BELIEVE that you are not alone and there is a God who is guiding your journey. You can make it towards your better tomorrow if you continue to trust-believe and know that there is a way.

Let's Celebrate!

let's celebrate imageI think we spend too much time worrying about life, the future and how we are going to make ends meet. That is why I suggest it is time to celebrate something joy-filled and meaningful for you. When you expand positive and playful energy, you are able to shift your energy field to a higher vibration and that is good.

Do you love yourself?

finding the treasure within you I recently heard a discussion on a talk show asking the viewers if they loved themselves. It was most enlightening to hear the various comments and even observe the looks on people's faces as they found it difficult to even discuss this topic.

I Am Somebody

There are times in our lives where we reflect on where we are, who we are, and who we want to be or what we want to "get" out of life. It's during these times that we're at our most vulnerable. We often lose ourselves in the "could've been" scenarios that we really need to rise above before we can manifest the life we want to lead.