Empowering Self

Don't self-sabotage your life

You can talk yourself into victory or you can talk yourself into defeat! You can encourage yourself with your thoughts and attitude or you can destroy your chances with your negativity and hopelessness.

Being strengthened and encouraged by your thoughts, beliefs and spirit will help free you up of your weariness and sense of discouragement. It is important for you to make sure your body and mind are in alignment with your higher self if you want to free yourself from exhaustion.

Life is a Process.

Have you ever thought about it! All that you are going through from birth, youth to where you are today has come about as part of the process of learning, growing, failing, waiting patiently and then embracing the process as you finally begin to realize that you are being directed for a purpose.

Don't let your problems defeat you.

Sometimes we think we are stuck in our problems and feel so down and defeated that we forget to remember that our Creator protected us and helped us in the past and He will do it again for you. Miracles happen all the time; believe that this is your time. Each one of us has experienced the mercy of God. Possibly this is your time to remember when the mercy of God helped you, healed you or even prevented a major accident in your life. The goodness of God is ever present.

Do you feel as though you are being overlooked?

Do your thoughts make you feel insignificant and as a result continually push you down as you move into mediocrity? Do you feel insignificant and overlooked by others? Well, it is time to stand tall, open your heart wide and continue to believe that with God, you will be raised up, uplifted and prospered. God always sees your potential and knows your heart. He is preparing you for your best days yet.

Obey that small still voice

Our Creator speaks to us in so many ways through our small still voice within. The question is, do we pay attention and care? Our lives would be so much better if we did! You see, we always have the opportunity to avoid unnecessary pain and heart tribulations if we would be more willing to listen to our promptings and learn how to utilize the powerful gift of the Universe that will always tell us the truth.


Do you contribute to the strife and confusion in the world?

People often think that if they don't stand by their principles and point of view their life will be compromised. Sometimes, however, we need to find a common ground with which to work so that we do not create a greater disaster or imbalance to society and to ourselves. If we willingly choose to heal our lives individually, we will actually be moving towards healing the world.

Is your life meaningful?

As we crave to enjoy more for our lives and pray for increased blessings, we need to be reminded that along with increased blessings comes greater responsibilities and stronger faith. Patience is a beautiful attribute; it is often something we seem to chase after yet fail to grasp. Patience is required in order to acquire a fruitful and successful end result. If you have a goal that you what to work towards, it requires more than wishful think, it requires determination, resilience and a strong will to keep going no matter what surfaces. Trust me!

Be kind to yourself today!

When is the last time you got out of bed and told your self, your mind and body how wonderful you are? Today, why don't you love yourself a little deeper, laugh a little louder and stroke your body and let it know it is valued and loved by you? The best part of your day starts when you get out of bed and send loving messages to your body! Do you realize that your body is a living organism and hears all the messages of your mind and heart? If you want your body to treat you well, you must also treat your body with loving-kindness.

Keep your focus on your joy!

Even when there is turmoil on the outside world, don't let it get in the inside of you and ruin your true sense of inner peace. We can't stop the trouble in the world or all of our problems and hurts but we can, however, refuse to allow them to penetrate into the depths of our mind or inner being. It is very important to stay conscious of where you are placing your thoughts and stop them from entering on the inside of you.

It's time to come to a place of inner peace

Worrying is the thief that often catches you unaware! It will rob you of a peaceful night sleep and it will create tension during your days. Don't let worry and sickness or financial difficulties become your ruler but instead let those feelings spur you to take some positive action. Worry can be helpful when it reminds you that you need to take control of your mind, tell it what you want to think about and let it know that your worry is too often debilitating and false.