Use your obstacles for your good

When you maintain the right attitude, your Creator will use your difficult times for your good. Nothing happens for a worthless purpose, but rather is divinely planned. Life actually happens on purpose! That is why you need to stay positive and know that when you maintain the right attitude, things will, with time, begin to shine brightly.

You can be the one to set a new standard for you and your family.

So often we are living in the shadows of our parents and ancestors. By that I mean, that just because our past family members experienced poor health, addictions or shortcomings does not mean that you have to have those same experiences or that you will re-live the past. I want to make this very clear you are not the past and you can change your DNA by changing your thoughts and beliefs, which in turn will change your outcome!

I wish...

wishing imageWe all wish for something more more love, more money, more joy, more happiness. I believe it is part of human nature. As I was changing the TV channel today, there were very young children who were asked that question and each one wished to be something else.