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Questions to help you create the desired outcome for 2020

If you’re craving to follow the right pathway for success that will help you reach your highest potential in 2020, You will need to plan and prepare. If you are wondering how to get started, may I suggest some questions that you might want to answer that will help you more in the right direction towards your transformation?

 Some questions you must ask yourself are:

5 Tips on the Art of Forgiveness

Are you stuck in a rut and cannot seem to find the end of the tunnel?  Did you ever think that you might possibly be preventing yourself from moving forward by holding onto past hurts and other emotional baggage?  In my practice, I have met so many clients who truly want to change the course of their direction but simply have no clue on how to proceed. I have found that the initial step to enjoying a real sense of inner peace and calm in life is to first learn the art of forgiveness. Don’t laugh. I mean it.

How do you see life?

Do you see the magic that surrounds your life or are you caught up in the doldrums of daily living? Too often we tend to make our lives more difficult by adding on high levels of stress and anxiety mixed with rage or anger and even discontent.

Mediocrity equates to ordinary

Have you ever given that statement any attention ’mediocrity equates to ordinary’?  Are you living a life of mediocrity, that is, are you simply content where you are or are you feeling a little frustrated because your life isn’t turning out the way you had originally planned? It is something like my life was at the beginning of this year.