What is your real story?

Every one of us has a story? Are you addicted to struggle and believing that life is hard or is your story that life is meaningful and things come naturally to you? 

It is time for all of us to wake up, empower ourselves and start living consciously as we become aware of our truth. What I mean by this is becoming more present--don't walk around in a fog.

Questions to help you create the desired outcome for 2020

If you’re craving to follow the right pathway for success that will help you reach your highest potential in 2020, You will need to plan and prepare. If you are wondering how to get started, may I suggest some questions that you might want to answer that will help you more in the right direction towards your transformation?

 Some questions you must ask yourself are:

Do you believe in yourself?

Life has its ups and downs for each one of us.  Losing is a part of everyday life.  At times you can get beat and other times you will be recognized for doing your best; that is all part of life's true gifts when we take them as lessons and learn from them.  I honestly believe we can truly fail in life only when we quit.  If we never quit, then we never fail!

Coach yourself

Often, you hear Mom and I speak of the necessity of coaching yourself, and may wonder what it entails, or how to get there from where you currently are? The process is one of developing your own, possibly latent, inner tools.  As the Intuition Girl, Joan Marie Whelan oven says,