avoid conflict

Treat others with respect

​Little acts of kindness/thoughtfulness can change everything!  Are you the type of personality who likes to hold a grudge, and must always have a one up on others?  Your attitude is key!  Pride often keeps us from rising higher. Humility and kindness towards others as well as our selves is often the answer.  To heal your life is beautiful and much needed, however please note that  pride can keep you from reaching your fullest potentiality

Be in Gratitude

Too often I have found that some people only see the dark and challenging times in life.  They fail to be flexible or even open to new possibilities or change.  We cannot grow without growing pains and we cannot change or improve our quality oflives when we keep our eyes only focused on resentment, anger and hate.  There is a force out in the world today that would like to destroy and force people to become nothing more than puppets.  They want to control the masses, dictate live the way they perceive it and rule as if their way was the only way.  We, as free-thinking

Do you contribute to the strife and confusion in the world?

People often think that if they don't stand by their principles and point of view their life will be compromised. Sometimes, however, we need to find a common ground with which to work so that we do not create a greater disaster or imbalance to society and to ourselves. If we willingly choose to heal our lives individually, we will actually be moving towards healing the world.

Keeping strife out of your life.

show considerationIt is easy to argue and get upset with those we love but that is damaging to a relationship and inviting destructive feelings into our lives. We all get angry and over reactive to our family members and even or associates-that is part of being human; however, it is important not to let our buttons be pushed all the time or to be the cause of strife.

Pride or excuses can paralyze you

Pride, a strong ego, can sometimes confine us. Too often, we get caught up in the words, "I can't do this because I may lose this or that," or "I can't move there because I will be away _________ fill in the blank." There are opportunities in life that beg you to take full advantage, but because you are so focused on reasons or excuses that stop you, you become paralyzed in the "what if's" and the "I cant's". Do not become that person.

When one door closes another door opens.

As much as we want our family and friends to rescue us when times get tough, no one else is going to help you but yourself. Too many people think that the government or our local community is going to rescue them from their life's challenges, but our institutions can't save us. We, You and I need to be the one who knows and understands how to get out of our own way of feeling sorry for ourselves or blaming everyone else for our troubles and begin to dig deep within our hearts and soul to find the solution.