Can you taste the sweetness of your success?

Imagine running a marathon. The odds are stacked against you that you'll finish first but you are fit in every way and you are going for it. You have been preparing for months. Just beforethe race, your heart is pumping and you are focused on the goal that you are not going to let anyone or anything deter you. Some of your competition might even be faster than you, but you have the focus and discipline togo to the finish line. Now you see yourself running in the race. You are going full stride the only thing you can hear are the pounding of your feet hitting the earth below you and your breath. Suddenly you trip and fall. What do you do next?

Are you to get up and continue or do you decide that maybe you need to step to the side and watch while everyone passes you by? This scenario can happen on the job, in our careers, in our family life and even our relationships. You just might say the wrong word that cause you to falter and get the wind knocked out of you or the one you have directed the word toward. If you have worked hard, laid the foundation for your success, and can see it coming to pass, then you must keep pushing forward get back up and continue on your journey. You may need a course adjustment and you may need to do damage control, but if you have a clear vision and a solid goal, then you need to get back up and push through the barriers that caused you to trip in the first place.

Difficult times fall upon all of us but one thing is certain giving up is not an option! Instead take a step back, rethink your strategy and get back in the race. There is never a perfect time or place for our dreams to come true. The timing comes when we are ready and fully prepared to embrace it with all of our mind, heart and spirit. Sometimes we think we are ready to move to the next level but in truth, we aren't. I personally have grown to realize that fact in my own life. I thought I was ready for a bigger position and a better pay scale only to realize that I wasn't in my truth because I was not ready or prepared to grasp completely the end goal. I now know that for me to achieve my ultimate goal, I must move out of my comfort zone and take the necessary steps that will allow me to arrive at that finish line. This also required me to open my heart and mind to accept new avenues or pathways that will allow me to gain greater skills. Being fully prepared is a required prerequisite. The dreams we perceive in our mind's eye are simply dreams. Yet they can become our reality when we build upon the dream and take it to the next level, which is, create the steps that will lead us to the tasks we must perform in order to reach our goal.

If you are truly and sincerely working towards a specific goal, then you must also focus on your special mantra or statement that says: " I am so ready that I can taste the sweetness of my success." Each one of us has a purpose and reason for being here so I encourage you not to let a trip-up in your race to the finish line stop you from achieving your destiny. There is no time like the present time to make good on life's promise that guarantees you success if you truly want it. Give yourself the room in your life to get back on track to feed that burning fire inside you the passion to achieve greatness and to lead a joy-filled life. After all, you are the keeper of your dreams. Do not waste those dreams on challenges and feelings of defeat. You must always rise to meet the challenge, overcome it, and win the day. Don't let a small trip-up stop you!


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, July 2, 2014