Can you adapt and adjust when things aren't going your way?

The client cancelled and you were counting on that money! Your friend forgot about the lunch appointment with you and you feel rejected and hurt. Emotional stress is a demon that lurks in the shadows of our mind and our lives; and that is why I have gained all that weight I needed to indulge in that chocolate bar to ease my pain and frustration or maybe it is a glass of wine that I need. Have you ever had those thoughts? Does disappointment and stress trigger addiction to some behavior that you think will ease the pain or distress?

Sometimes it is our unrealistic goals that has caused us to fall into that trap of feeling overly stressed. I have found that my unmet expectations set me off and make me anxious. I expect too much and I want things to materialize too quickly I have actually set myself up for failure and didn't even realize it. Have you ever felt that way? I have been in that place on numerous occasions. Something doesn't go the way I had hoped and I get anxious and frustrated and that is when I think ���Chocolate' I need some chocolate to calm the nerves. But after I have had my fix I realize that it didn't satisfy my nerves or my state of mind. The chocolate didn't give me the satisfaction that I was looking for to quiet my emotions. At that moment I was feeling a sense of disconnect and uneasiness. My mind and my craving for the chocolate was simply a distraction. It tricked me into thinking that my addictive behavior would make me feel better and I was wrong. It was my emotional stress that drove me to seek solace in the wrong place like food or drink.

I soon realized that when my life isn't going the way I expected, I need to breath in slowly from my belly and try to relax my energy field. I do this at least 3-5 times till I feel calm and composed. Breathing exercises can help you relax and reduce anxiety in your body. How you might ask? Try it some time and take note as to how your body responds when you breathe deeply from your belly, repetitively and consciously. This approach actually sends a message to the brain that says: "calm down and relax." We all experience some degree of stress but please know that when you actually make a conscious effort to breathe in deeply and release a stressful situation or event or even try to zone out and put yourself into a pleasant scene or scenario, you are releasing the stress level that binds. It is all about lowering the stress in your body and that fact has more broad benefits them you realize, like lower blood pressure. At the same time you are also experiencing a calmer heart rate as you come closer towards a state of balance.

Once I realized that my addictive behavior had no benefits, I understood that I needed to learn some valuable tips that would help me change my behavior and adapt to all my stressful situations in a simple and fruitful way. I also realized that I needed to adjust my behavior and attitude so that I will always be more prepared to live and work in a manner that doesn't stress me out to the point that I am unable to control myself. Here are some of my thoughts on this subject that might also help you. When you feel severe stress taking you out:

1. Do something that will distract you and calm your nerves like exercise, take a walk in nature or simply take a soothing bath.

2. Place yourself in a peaceful environment that relaxes your energy and sets you free.

3. The practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong are calming and meditative exercises that slow down the metabolism and change your psychology. They are beautiful and transformational because they work with the life energy that gently flows in and around you.

4. Educate yourself and become dedicated to your self-preservation. You need that for your personal well-being.

We all need help and a support team to encourage us, so please do not feel embarrassed or become paralyzed. We have the power within to change and heal but the process starts with a commitment to adapt and adjust your attitude as you begin to invest in an improved healthy outlook.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, August 13, 2013