Butterflies are not only beautiful, they have a purpose

image buterflyButterflies flitter and flutter about and it seems that they only exist so that we mortals can enjoy their beauty yet they have a far greater purpose. As the butterfly moves from one flower to another to suck the delicious nectar that it craves, it actually gathers pollen on its body. Through this process it is able to pollinate numerous flowers, which in turn allows the flowers and plants to reproduce. When butterflies move to different continents, they act with one mind they are part of a crowd or community and in that, they feel serene and safe. Butterflies also instinctively know if the current climate in that area is healthy which in turn sends a signal to the scientific community concerning the ecosystem and its changes, whether positive or negative.

Man, too, has the ability and the capacity to move around and nurture others by their kind words, a gentle hand and even a pleasant smile. Those simple yet often kind gestures have the ability to change another person's psychology, which in turn can alter their attitude, behavior and environment. Each one of us has the ability to display compassion and a sense of sharing and caring wherever we go yet too often we are too busy with our own self-contained world to care or even notice the hurts of others.

butterfly on daisy Metamorphosis is one of nature's miracles changing from one state to another in a life journey. Maybe we could take a moment and reflect on our journey and see if it would be possible to share an inspiring thought with another who is in need today. Whether it be through your words, actions or your deeds, each one of us has the ability to reach out and offer a helping hand. In so doing we are sending healing and loving energy in a way that symbolically pollinates the soul of another by sending love and beauty. In truth, we are part of nature and the process of creation. Our souls crave the connection and our intuition sends out signals and messages to let us know what would benefit us and what just might be harmful to our life whether it be our physical, emotional, spiritual or mental life.

Humans, like the butterfly are continually evolving, growing and changing; however, the butterfly changes in the course of a month while it too frequently takes a person an entire lifetime of work to change and grow and sometimes we go kicking and screaming all the way.

We are all on a long journey to our authentic self, to enrich our soul and discover our true purpose for being here. Change is inevitable and even anticipated but what is most important to remember and acknowledge is that change is meant to be our opportunity to experience an expansion towards something greater. It is through our test of faith, trust and courage that enables us to accept the change that comes as we walk with grace and in surrender to our higher power. For just like the butterfly, change is unavoidable so why not accept change and willingly emerge from your stages of transition with love and joy in your hearts. Just like the butterfly you are beautiful and you have a purpose to fulfill.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, May 23, 2014