Bureaucratic red tape is creating innovation

Who would have thought that something good could come out of the bureaucratic stalemate in different segments of the world? I absolutely loathe the paper pushers who earn good money, take up valuable space and get nothing or at least very little done. I have seen it at the grocery store, at numerous governmental agencies and even in the medical profession and for me it is most frustrating, upsetting and even tests my patience.

I just recently read an article on how the U.S. Bureaucratic inefficiency in the dairy industryhas inspired the farmers to move into the robotic age where the job is done efficiently, effortlessly and eventually more cost effective. This problem arose because of the shortage of immigrant workers needed to perform menial tasks, such as milking the cows. The Governmental Agencies in their inability to make quick decisions and act promptly caused other to get creative and make something happen! I was impressed!

Of course there is always a down side, which means that some people are going to lose their job or source of income. But itwasn'tthe farmer, or the businessman or even the Mom or Pop that was the cause. As often is the case, it is the very ones who think they are protecting us, their people, who create the problem. That even makes me more sad and upset.

What ever happened to the free thinking human being who performs and does a good job because that is the right thing to do and because that makes you feel really good? You know no ulterior motives in your decision to do good. For me, creative imagination is powerful it is awesome and it often is the reason why our Societies have grown and prospered.

Bureaucratic red tape stifles man it is like a contagious disease that if not kept in check can and will infect more and more people until they become completely reliant and dependent upon others to take care of them. Be alert! As we come to a close of another year and another season in our lives, I encourage you to look around you and move away from all influences that will contaminate you and your thinking.

You have great power in your thoughts. Your creative ideas and brilliant sense of imagination can and will change your life if and when you are ready to take advantage of the strong gifts that God gave you. Be responsible for your behavior and actions. Work on having a healthy and positive attitude and above all surround yourself with like-minded people who believe in themselves.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, December 18, 2012