Born Equally Naked

"Born equally naked". Yes, but humankind is truly unequal when it comes to the perceptions and often, misconceptions that each (of us) has in and about life. This goes back to the old adage about seeing a cup half full, half empty or seeing the darkness, or the stars. How do you view life? If you constantly focus on the darkness and the half-empty views, then you are not living a joy-filled life as you could be. We are all indeed born equally naked, and it does not matter whether or not one was born into riches or poverty. Perhaps life may be a little more challenging when you have fewer advantages, but what you learn from those challenges as an adult is an entirely different choice and pathway.

Many individuals have encountered hardships throughout their lives, but they have taken the lemons they've been dealt and made sweet, refreshing lemonade. No, it is not always easy to reach success. No one ever said it would be. How you pursue prosperity is entirely up to you. You can take the low road and create your own roadblocks, or you can take the high road and go para-sailing over any challenges as they come your way. It is all a matter of perception and the choices you make to create the reality you want in life. No one else can do it for you. You are the leader over yourself.

Think about a newborn ward in a hospital. There can be dozens of new little people in the same room. They are all naked in their innocence and raw beauty. Each baby has its own unique sound, scent and almost angelic personality. Each will grow in separate homes with separate values, maybe even very different cultures. Maybe some of those babies will have wealthy parents, others may grow in a home where there are several more siblings, still others may go onto be adopted by a completely different family from their own heritage. Now, I know some of you may be thinking that wealthier parents may present more opportunities for advancement, but that is not always the case. While your upbringing, your environment and those around you may play a role in your overall perception and attitude, you have the psychological capacity to choose the path you wish to take to achieve your heart's desires.

A good example of an individual who overcame life-threatening circumstances to reach overall success is Nelson Mandela. Mandela was born in the early 1900's into a village where he grew up tending herds as a cattle boy. He could have easily grown into a cattle herder or farm hand, but Mandela had other plans in fulfilling purpose and destiny. Despite being imprisoned for a lengthy part of his life, Mandela went on to become the first South African president in 1994. Had you looked upon a child (like Mandela) born in a small village nearly a century ago, you may have thought that he would never amount to such greatness, but he did. And so can you. The story that Nelson Mandela teaches us is that anyone is capable of surviving life's storms and achieving prosperity and peace even at times when we think it is not possible. Nothing is impossible when you see the glass half full. We are all born equally naked, this is true. But we are unequal in our attitudes and perceptions. Do not live the life of a pessimist because you will never find happiness. Become the perpetual optimist and you will always find your way to success.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013