The Boom-a-Rang Theory

It is the same old story—what comes around, goes around.  Life can be that simple yet we, too often, seem to miss the target and look for solutions that are a misfit.  Let me explain.  I just got off the phone with a client who was having personal life issues that were causing not only her life to be unstable but that of her Mom and her Daughter.  You see, we are all energy beings so if we put out energy of fear, worry and ‘I was done wrong’—guess what—that is exactly the type of energy that you are going to attract.  When you attract that type of energy, you draw it into your life, and into all relationships.  Your thoughts and attitude, your behavior and the way you act out in all situations absolutely affects your behavior and your outcome. It’s time for you to become alert and aware and begin to realize that when you mix it all together, that is, your thoughts, your behavior and your attitude with the environment in which you work-live and play you will create and experience exactly what you are focusing on.  Therefore, if you have a life of discomfort, unhappiness and uneasiness, you will manifest those feelings, which will often lead to an upset stomach and even sickness. Do you understand the cycle that is being created? I want to help you break those negative expressions and experiences and help you manifest a new and improved lifestyle.  You actually have the ability to become your own life coach and your own relationship expert and shift your energy for good if you sincerely and honestly want to accomplish that end goal.

 Life is meant to be happy and rich but if and when we cloud it over with our emotional blocks or issues, we build a thick wall around that stream of richness and happiness and surround it with darkness. You are actually building an impenetrable fort.   Light can only filter through when we open the door and windows of our heart, mind and spirit. As I was speaking to this young client, I found that she was determined to continue to share her pain and sorrow with me to the point that she could not hear the solutions and tools that I was sharing with her. She was completely blocked and unwilling to seek solutions because, in truth, she was feeling comfortable staying in the dark.  At that moment no coaching skills were beneficial. She told me about a person who said that he would shift the energy for her and do the work for her.  Please be aware--that is false and bogus information.  No one has the power to shift your energy—that power belongs to you and you alone!  It is your duty and responsibility to become your best life coach and your own personal relationship expert if and when you decide to enjoy a wonderful sense of inner peace and contentment. No other individual can make your life whole or complete, ONLY you have that ability to make it happen.  Yes, we can and often need to seek out guidance and support but please note that ultimately, you are the one who makes the final choices and decision.  Guidance and support are crucial, but nothing is more valuable then you taking hold of your life and making it happen!

 I or anyone else can present tools, steps and then guide you on your journey by showing you where the blocks and problems are rooted but it is your life and your journey and ‘You’ are the only one who has the power to clean up your circumstances, shift your beliefs and purify your energy field if you want to enjoy an improved lifestyle of inner peace and contentment.

 So, getting back to the boom-a-rang theory—what you are throwing out will eventually return to you.  If, for example, you are feeling anxious or sad or nervous, you can pretty much guarantee that your children and family will pick up on that energy and show similar signs or traits that stem from your issues.  Yes, we are all vessels of energy—that is why I encourage you to frequently clear and clean your energy field through meditation, moments in silence and through breathing exercises that clear out toxins and open your cells to receive nourishment and healing.  

 Too often I have had women approach me concerning the problems they are experiencing with their children.  They seem to be acting out in negative and often disruptive ways, which of course, results in havoc in the household.  Please understand that even a young newborn will pick up on your fear-based energy.  If you are feeling anxious, frustrated or even feelings of unworthiness, your children will sense your weaknesses and pick-up on those same feelings and become fearful and anxious too.   Our children learn through our examples and their sense of intuition and awareness is very sharp.  Their energy is pure, and their antennas are laser beams that are sensitive and alert.  That is why I suggest to you to become your own life coach and relationship expert, so you are better prepared to hone in on all life’s encounters.

 You actually can improve your emotional state, which will at the same time improve the emotional state of those who are within your sphere of influence and bring a wonderful sense of inner peace into your home.  When you understand this concept and make healthy and good choices you will enjoy an improved sense of wellbeing in your life. I encourage you to listen carefully to my words and pay attention with an open heart and mind.  Many blessings on your journey!


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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, July 18, 2018