Believing is a force

There are countless stories of the power of the human belief system. If one simply has enough faith himself, he can do wondrous and even sometimes miraculous things in his life. This is true in many cases when extraordinary strength is demonstrated in the face of calamity and danger, or in some cases where someone wills himself the passion to follow a dream through to the end.

It is of no great surprise how some people reach greatness, wealth, fame and adulation because they have taken the initiative and followed their intuition to create the lives they have. It is the inevitable power of self-belief that prods and motivates us to do the things we need to discover the passageway to fortune and success.

Belief is that inevitable figure that is ever-present. Like our shadows that reflect upon the walls and the ground beneath us when the sun is in full swing, our belief in self is what carries us through life. No, you may not always see belief in the darkness, but you can certainly draw the parallels there. It is when we have dark and uncertain thoughts about ourselves that prevent us from making progress in life. So when we take a chance on living, and we take the effort to believe in the things for which we stand and believe that we are capable of creating the lives we choose to lead, then light will always follow us and remind us of the beliefs that we can be anything and do anything. Believing is a force.

What dreams have you let fall to the wayside? Why have you done so? Is it because you fear that you do not have the strength to see through to completion? Or is it because you feel that you are not good enough, or that you will be rejected for some reason or another? For once, I want you step out of the darkness. Put yourself in the light and envision all the wonderful things that you can do and will do when you believe in yourself. Now, take a snapshot of the vision. Can you see it clearly? Believe in yourself. Yes, you can do it. And if you begin to doubt and fall back into the darkness, listen to your heart when it whispers, "Believe in yourself."

Take some time for yourself to reflect on the goals and objectives you have had in the past (maybe even right now). How many of those goals have you reached in your life? How many more do you want to achieve while you still can? Remember, life is very brief. The time that we have on Earth is numbered only by the days that we continue to exist. When you are gone, that is forever. Tomorrow may be too

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Keep believing in your dreams. Believe in yourself, knowing that you can become whatever it is you want. When you stop dreaming when you stop believing, there is nothing left to desire. You only have one life to live -- make it count right now.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, April 11, 2013