The beauty of truth--a metaphor of life

Truth and beauty neither is visible by the naked eye yet we cannot hide from their authenticity. The beauty of truth is that it is genuine, sincere and pure that is its allure yet many try to skirt the truth for self-serving purposes. We were all created in beauty and goodness and that is why we should feel and gravitate to its true essence yet that is not the way it has turned out for most people. Man has learned that if he doesn't always tell the truth he is able to change the way the game of life is played. He was able to manipulate life and its outcome simply by altering the truth. I realize that this is a powerful statement so I have chosen to give you an example of what I mean by using the story of a famous fairy tale: "The Emperor's New Clothes" to illustrate my thoughts.

The Emperor's New Clothes is a metaphor of life and it is actually a warning, so when you read and reflect on this story, you just might know someone who fits one or more of the characters portrayed. As the story begins, it tells the tale of an Emperor whose only interest in life is showing off his new clothes to all his subjects. His thinking is shallow and the thought of focusing on his duties and responsibilities is secondary. This was a man who lacked purpose, self-worth and self-confidence; as a result he relied on his subordinates to feed him with the proper information in the hope that all would go well. In fact you could say that he was disillusioned and, therefore, easy to manipulate.

This fact played out when two swindlers came into town and began to brag about their ability to weave the most precious fabric that any mortal has ever seen. In fact, their clothes were so fine that they had the unique quality of becoming invisible to every person who was not fit to see and admire their beauty. In other words, their eyes were unworthy to behold the vision of these splendid clothes.

The King heard about these famous weavers and commissioned them to make some of the most beautiful clothes in the most beautiful colors and patterns that were fit for only this King. The weavers were busy setting up their looms and pretended to weave the magnificent wardrobe for the King but no one was able to see the work. It was not visible to the naked eye. The King was eager to parade among his subject wearing his new and magnificent clothes so he sent his ministers one at a time to check on the progress of the work. One by one his administrators went into the workroom with the weavers but they saw nothing. The weavers pretended on working but there was no physical evidence of their work. Each one of the ministers proceeded in fear and worry. They believed that they were loyal and worthy of serving the King yet they knew that they needed to lie if they wanted to save their job, their status in life. They saw nothing and they compromised their position all in the name of saving face. How often in the business world or in every day life do we see people pretending to work - shuffling papers, wasting time, etc. but not accomplishing anything? There are always people around us who manipulate the truth for their own personal gain.

When the day finally came for the King to try on his new clothes, he asked all of his ministers to join him for the viewing.

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The two weavers took the clothes and pretended to dress the King. They went through all the body motions of fastening something around the waist, tying the ribbons in the back and arranging his garments. The King, in his lack of his true sense of worth, played along because he knew he was unworthy and was afraid everyone else would finally realize his shortcomings. The stage was set and all the players were in place and ready to carry the charade out

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when in the crowd a young child yelled out: "The King has no clothes on!" The people were aghast! Who dared to speak out and say that? The child yelled again: Look, the King has no clothes on! Everyone looked around and said: Listen to the innocence of this child he is correct.

It is true with the innocence of a child and childlike behavior, the truth was revealed. The King knew that the child was speaking the truth and his entire staff knew that the child was speaking the truth but each one lacked the courage and/or integrity to say or do anything. They finally realized that they failed themselves and their King. They compromised their values and principles because of fear, embarrassment and a lack of self-worth.

In these times of chaos and confusion, day-to-day living can be a challenge. I believe that we are all seeking answers to what is happening yet we fail ourselves because we place our trust in the wrong places. Do you realize that truth becomes the foundation that will hold us all together and enable us to live meaningful lives? Divine Truth is the realization that we are love beings who love to be honored and respected. Each one of us need to realize that we must take responsibility for our behavior, our attitudes and the environment in which we live if we want to feel complete and safe in our sense of well-being. We cannot have a life of peace and happiness if we fail to pull our weight and seek the truth and beauty that is our God given right. Begin to think like a child and become more childlike in your everyday life. You will be surprised what magic you will create!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013