Be weary of some of the medications that you are planning to take

Addiction to any and all pills is a serious problem in the world. I have written about this topic before but it is certainly worth

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repeating because I have discovered that most people do not believe it will happen to them. They actually think they are acting sensibly and that they are above the problem. How dangerous is that type of thinking? Each one of us is vulnerable to the potentiality of addiction and early death by an overdose of drugs. This statement doesn't necessarily mean that it is relating only to what I call serious drugs; instead, I am speaking to all pills that you ingest. They actually have the potential to harm you and cause dangerous side effects far greater than your original reason for taking a pill in the first place.

While most people are informed about the side effects, again, they act as though that situation will not happen to them in other words, they are willing to take that chance. Too often I have found that many people want to have a quick fix. As a society, we tend to be in a hurry and are therefore impatient. Case in point, I have a sister who has had many medical challenges over the last 20 years but recently she decided to take a medication, internally that she was told would heal the fungus on her toe. It seems that this issue has been lingering for a very long time so she decided that now was the time to take action and resolve it. Her doctor willingly prescribed the medication and she felt she was on her way to recovery from a toe that had been infected by a fungus for a long time. Shortly after she started on the medication, she broke out in red blotches, a rash that appeared from head to toe. She was scratching like crazy as the blotches grew in strength and size; the rash including her scalp affected her entire body. It was only after a month of taking the medication that she discovered this particular medication was the cause of her outbreak. Her body was a wreck and she emotional, physically and mental was in a state of distress. Only after going to a dermatologist, did she discover that the medicine for the fungus had an adverse effect on her entire body. It was actually poisoning it. Unfortunately two months later and free from the medication, the problem still exists although it is gradually decreasing; nonetheless, the situation is still present. Now she is on another medication to counteract the first medication and the saga continues.

Her healing process is slow and difficult but thank God, she at least discovered the cause and has taken action to heal. Unfortunately too many people never find the cause of some of their symptoms and die because of them.

I am a person who does not take drugs. I have decided that I do not want to ingest chemicals into my body. I absolutely believe that there is an alternative choice and I also understand that I will need to be diligent and forthright in my approach to staying healthy. You may read this and totally disagree with me but the truth is, there are 15,000 Americans who die annually after overdosing on prescription painkillers and other forms of drugs that cause adverse results.

I personally do not want to see more regulations by government but rather the use of more common sense and responsibility by the people. The federal agencies, doctors and drugstores continue to point the blame to someone else and I agree but not with their reasoning. Ultimately the blame falls on the individual taking the medication.

I have shared this type of information for years. My daughter and I have dedicated our lives to help people find hope and be willing to heal from issues or blocks that are hindering their lives at all levels through natural means but you the people MUST ultimately take responsibility for your actions. I sincerely hope you will take this message to heart and work on finding inner peace and calm without taking a pill. You can always go to our web sites and read through various bites of information that will help to put you on the right path or call us for an appointment to deal with emotional pain and suffering.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Monday, November 12, 2012