Be faithful in the routine!

Too often we lost sight of our real purpose as we lose courage and strength.  We get caught up in the mundane activities of our daily routine and become apathetic!   Don’t move into frustration or anxiety or even feeling hopeless because those states of mind will drag you down and stop you from reaching your highest potential.

When you are faithful in the routine and mundane aspects of your life, you will receive all that you desire and indeed you will be moving closer towards manifesting for your life.

This is the time to slow down your mind and say: “This is the day the Lord has made.”  Do what is right with a good attitude and remember to stay patient and stay in faith when life is not going your way.  Know that you are being prepared for your highest and best life. This is a time to trust and remain firm in your belief!   It is impossible to reach your highest potential when you fail to stay in faith and trust in the one who created you.

Stayingfaithful in your daily routine is what prepares you to reach and achieve all that you desire.  Don’t talk yourself out of reaching your highest potential!  When you feel like you are going in circles and you aren’t making much progress, that is the perfect time to take a reality check; stop thinking negative thoughts and stop moving into doubt and disbelief!  This is the time to move past your uncertainties and know that your greatness is coming to you if you remain faithful in the daily routine of your life.

Don’t be discouraged by all that is in front of you.  Just because you don’t see your progress, believe that you are, indeed, moving forward because you are remaining faithful in your routine.

Accept the challenge!  Know that in order to reach your highest potential and manifest for your life, you will be miraculously changed and all that you desire will be presented to you in the most exciting and unexpected ways!  Stay disciplined in your attitude and behavior and stay encouraged because your greatness is right in front of you!

When you are faithful in the routine and ordinary aspects of your life, you are getting the attention of your Creator who is working to help you get all that you desire.  This is the time to stay grounded, trust and believe that your Creator is raising you up and unexpectedly you will soon discover that your life has changed and your miracle is being presented to you!  Don’t let your attitude falter but rather become bright and Cheerful!  Maintain a good and positive behavior posture and always seek to place yourself within a healthy environment. 


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, April 26, 2017