Be Compassionate!

 As we move deeper into the Holiday Season, I am hoping that we all will become more compassionate towards others and ourselves. We cannot live with a real sense of inner peace when we close our eyes and hearts to those in need.  You, yourself, may be the one in need and quite possibly it will be important for you to take the time to make the effort to be more loving, caring and considerate of your personal needs. Compassion is not something that is found in our heads or our minds, it is not something we do in general, it is rather something that is found in our hearts and it is something that happens because we willingly open our hearts to care enough.  We all want to heal our life in whatever way we can but our healing can only start when we are kind and compassionate about our selves.  Our bodies are living organism and know your thoughts and words.  For you to heal your life, you must be kind to your mind and body.  Don’t ever underestimate the benefits of kindness.

It takes action on your part to be compassionate.  It illustrates for us that it requires our effort to show kindness towards one in need.  It is difficult for one to transform their life and even more difficult to heal your life without responding to the needs of others and even your own personal needs.    

Showing some one that you care to be their friend, to share a kind word or a smile is wonderful.  Recently, I encountered a man who was struggling to find the right change to buy a small bottle of water at the grocery store.  I was next in line and watched him before it dawned on me that he is possibly homeless and in need of help.  Without making a scene, I opened my wallet and took out a bill and folded it into a small square and handed it to him.  No words were spoken yet with his eyes, I felt like I witnessed a connection with the Christ as I stared into his eyes.  It was a moment when everything else stood still and I felt divinely connected.  My life was transformed and I experienced a wonderful sense of inner peace in that moment.  Each one of us has the ability to heal our lives in various ways. 

 Moments of compassion and sharing and caring were exhibited during the severe fires, floods and storms that hit our Country and many others.  Compassion can be cultivated and practices not just when extreme situations occur, but it should be shared frequently in everyday encounters.  Compassion of self, feeds the soul, heals the body and influences the mind to feel good and appreciated.   Our lives are more fulfilled when we give to others a piece of our caring heart instead of giving a piece of our mind.  Once you experience a wonderful sense of inner peace you don’t want to lose that feeling.  I know I crave to live each day more peacefully.  We all have within our selves the power to not only transform our personal lives, but we have the ability to help others transform their lives too.  Show love and respect towards others and be sure to value who you are and all that you have become.  Heal your life one compassionate moment at a time and you will surely discover it is through the little acts of kindness that you will enjoy a transformed life.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, November 20, 2017