Be Alert the enemy is lurking all around

The enemy is your negative thoughts and feelings; it could be an accumulation of times when you felt inferior or maybe it surfaced because you were feeling abused by a parent or friend and even feeling as though others are laughing at you and putting you down. In all of these cases, the enemy is your thoughts and feelings that focus on the negative downside of life and you some how can't or won't let these thoughts or feelings rest. Instead you 24/7 vent about them and even devise a scheme to get even. Yes, you want others to feel the same pain that you are experiencing because you believe that that is the only answer to your problem. You even feel isolated and rejected by others; as a result, there is no one to turn to for help or support. Sometimes people just feel embarrassed to share how they feel because they don't want to be judged or ridiculed. The cycle seems to self-perpetuate.

In actuality, negative thoughts only imprison us and trap us so we don't reach our full potential. As we watch scenes of the negativity played in front of us daily, it is possible that we eventually become demented and enslaved in a world of darkness including further isolation and vindictiveness. What happens is that we start to hear whispers that remind us of our hurt and pain and with time we are hooked by those forces that only focus on more hurt and pain and more darkness. It becomes a self perpetuating exercise that when left unchecked leads to destruction destruction of self and of others. If, however, we-you learn the coping mechanisms that can and will help us shift our emotional energy, we-you will be able to transfer your hurt and pain and move towards positive action and solutions.

If each one of us could only take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we would soon discover how our negativity - that is negative thoughts, attitudes and behavior from the past have absolutely sabotaged us and caused us much grief. We would soon realize how those scenes have negatively impacted our life and has unfortunately stopped us from reaching our full potential.

If you are a seeker of positive thoughts and positive actions for your life then you will need to call on angel Metatron and ask him to help you in your life. As a messenger of God, angel Metatron has a huge job to fulfill while on Earth. He is in charge of all of our individual files that record our thoughts and our attitudes. These records show how we actually create our current life experiences, which, of course, will affect our future ones as well. We need angel Metatron in our lives because he is the one who can help us stay centered and keep our thoughts in check. So I guess we can say that angel Metatron is the angel of our thought processes and he is the manager of all of our thought records.

It is a truth that our thoughts create our reality so it would serve all of us, you and me alike, to take the time and learn how to harness our thoughts so they would produce great and productive results.

Each one of us is solely responsible for our thoughts and attitudes we have no one else to blame but ourselves when we slide into negativity. Maybe it is time to stop placing the blame on the outside forces you know all those who have hurt your feelings or abused you in some way. When you are feeling upset or neglected in any way, take a step back and look at the movie screen that Angel Metatron has placed in front of you just watch the scenes being played out in front of you. Do you recognize how your attitude and behavior from the past has sabotaged you and as a result negatively impacted your life and its outcome?

Angel Metatron is like a powerful warrior who goes to battle for you on your behalf because he knows the harm that can result from negative thoughts and actions. Envision angel Metatron standing tall 10 feet tall with his sword outright and ready to go to battle for you against all the negative thought forces of the Universe. Allow him to fight your battles for you. He and his army of angels are working with you to clean out the negative thoughts and attitudes that you have been holding on to for so long. He is here to help you understand how negativity is oppressive and how it has been restraining your behavior and results. Only through your positive thoughts, attitudes and ideas can your life flow. If you want your life to be a springboard for new and wonderful experiences to come in---- you need to think new empowering thoughts and express those positive feelings that will allow flow and abundance into your life. In order to claim the goodness for your life now you need to experience it and for you to experience it, you must allow and make room for the positive thoughts and attitudes to enter into your mind your heart and soul.

When you call upon an angel to help you see more clearly, you are energetically connecting with that angelic force to give you the strength, wisdom and the foresight to help you manifest those prospects or opportunities that are yet to be revealed to you. Ultimately, we all want to be loved and thought of with respect. I encourage you to call on your angel friends and ask them to help you. Angel Metatron is waiting to help you achieve a heightened sense of awareness so that you can experience a life of positive thinking and joy-filled possibilities.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, December 18, 2012