Bad things happen -because the world is imperfect

Oh!  Don’t get me wrong---we are all born perfect in the eyes of our Creator, but it is us humans who believe that we are imperfect so guess what--We self-prophesize and become imperfect.  It is as simple as that!  I have written about this topic in my book: “Hello—Is Anybody Listening?”  

People always ask why bad things happen and does it come from God.  My answer to you is ‘No’it does not come from God, but bad things do happen because that is part of our living experiences.  Just like there is light and darkness in the world, so too there is happiness and sadness, pain and joy, love and hate and bad things and good things.  It is the Yin and Yang of the world – the two sides of the coin.  Just think about it a moment—how would you know the difference between these words and feelings if you did not experience them, for they each represent the different aspect of life.  It is within your power to manifest in your lifeall that you desire when you coach yourselfto believe that truth and then take some positive action to bring it about!  If you believe it is impossible then it will be exactly what you believe.  

We possess great power within us and that is precisely the reason that I continually coachyou to coach yourselfto aspire towards your greatness. That is when you will begin to understand that you indeed have the ability to reach your highest potential!

 We all have our problems and difficult moments in life but what sets us apart is the way we handle them and move through those difficult times.  Like I say so often—we all have choices to make daily.  We can choose to follow our heart and live life to the fullest of our potentialityor we can choose to get caught up in the drama of life and allow that drama to dictate the way our lives unfold.  Every day I coach myselfto think positive and maintain those thoughts that will help me manifest in my lifemy highest potential.

 I have learned a long time ago to become more of an observer of life and less of a participant.  By that I mean that it is not my right to be judgmental or critical of others or their choices, I need to respect the choices of others.  When I continually focus on the circumstances or dramas of other’s, I am simply depleting my energy and as a result, I am blocking my forward movement.  I have grown to realize and understand that it is far better for me to observe the behavior of others and choose wisely for myself—that is, make choices that would serve me for my highest and best good in the highest and best way.  My actions or choices do not stop me from giving aid, support or encouragement to others; it simply stops me from taking on their issues or situations as my own.  

Another valuable point to consider is where do you place your focus on a regular basis?  If you are continually giving energy to the hurt and pain, the gossip or the misfortune that just occurred, you are once again depleting your energy and setting yourself up for negativity to follow.  If, on the other hand, you consciously made a decision to keep your focus on the positive side of life where possibilities abound, you are opening the door not only to your heart but to the Universe to bring to you what you have been wanting and needing.  That is what coaching yourselfis all about!  When you are better able to look past the critics and gossipers of the world and maintain a steady focus on what and who you are, you are becoming your own life coach and that is the true definition of self-empowerment!

 Bad things don’t just happen.  They start out as small, little hang-ups or shortcomings that grow and fester and become big, bad experiences.  Each one of us has the ability to change our outcomes and beliefs because we are all, each one of us, children of a greater Source who can change anything if we believe.  To live a life of awareness requires you to be grounded and centered in your purpose and function and then to stay alert and focused so that you can and will reach your highest potential.

I have grown to understand that in all experiences and encounters in life, there is a lesson to be learned.  That is why I have taken the time to learn different life skills that can and will allow me to cope and continue with my journey knowing that with time, everything will improve, and I will find a way to keep moving forward. I choose to manifest in my life, my highest potential,and I sincerely hope you have the same goals? I encourage you to learn to cope with your situations so if something gets you down, it won’t keep you down.  

Know that you always have choices and that no matter what happens, God and his Angels are constantly with you, supporting you, encouraging you and guiding your way.  They want you to manifest for your life!Getting angry and frustrated never solves anything but if you can learn to breathe deeply and release your problems to God, God will show you the way.  

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, January 22, 2019