The arm of compassion

Monday, February 27, 2012

How far can the arm of compassion reach? What do we need to do differently to start including acts of caring and sharing into our daily thoughts? To answer the first question, I believe that the arm of compassion has no boundaries. The potential is limitless and its power and strength is immeasurable.

As for the second question, I believe it requires some soul searching on the part of each reader. For me, I see now that my soul searching precipitated me to write this Blog. I not only wanted to bring awareness to others but I also had the need to express my thoughts with the hopes that somehow and in some way I could be a catalyst for others to reach out and help someone. Or at least muster us some curiosity because curiosity is a precursor to exploration and through exploring the depths of our soul, we gain wisdom.
We hear daily about sexual abuse by educators, bullying in school and in the workplace, neglect and injury being caused to others and most of the time we stand on the sidelines and watch. I know that I could have stood on the sidelines and watched Betty deteriorate further but I choose to show by example to others that I wanted to share a piece of me with Betty as I openly and willingly came to her aid. No money was exchanged - Betty's daughter and husband made it clear. It wasn't about the money; it was about compassion for another human being who needed help. When I first started this journey, I thought it was all about Betty but I soon discovered that this experience what helping me define my purpose for living for in truth it was about me. It is about having a strong sense of inner peace knowing that I can reach out and touch the soul of someone else and at the same time experience the joy and peace within my soul.
It is interesting to discover, that when I made Betty happy and laugh, I actually was happy and laughed too. And when she looked at me and said, this is fun, I, too was having fun. Isn't that what we all crave for? It is the interconnectedness between individuals that helps feed our soul, heal our minds and nurtures our bodies. We are social being who thrive on relationships and a strong desire to be part of a community. It is that interconnectedness that helps us survive instead of decay. I experienced first hand how an elderly human being responded to kindness and genuine thoughtfulness. It was like awakening a sleeping flower - when it felt the sunlight it opened up and became alert and responsive.
Inner peace and happiness is our birthright and I believe is imbedded within our very core. When we feel its energy and absorb those feelings, we are one with our Creator. Love and compassion go hand in hand with that sense of peace and happiness. Every time we become insensitive to others, and ourselves we rob ourselves of this gifts.
There will always be conflict in the world because there are people in the world who thrive on discord and tormenting others. Sometimes it started as a game and other times it is their mental state. This blog is not reaching out to those individuals but rather it is being written to people like you and me who I believe choose to reach down into the depths of our soul and wonder question and seek meaning and purpose for being here in the first place. Whether we like it or not, we need encouragement and support in our lives. We notice it most when we are very young and when we are very old. But that strong connection to feel accepted, loved and respected is within each one of us. This is our chance to participate with an open and sincere heart to share messages of compassion and it is certainly a chance for our voice to be heard.
Blog Date: 
Monday, February 27, 2012