Are you working towards a successful lifestyle for 2015?

Is Discipline a dirty wordWhat is it that you would like to succeed in for the coming year? A goal without a plan is just a wish! We all have wishes and dreams but few go further then that their wishes. Somehow people seem stuck in the planning process and then they never reach the implementation stage.

It would be a good idea to study the life of an athlete. They are some of the most disciplined people in the world why, you may ask, because they envision their end goal and then create a plan, a platform from which they go forward into high gear. There are a number of factors that all those who succeed have in common:

1. They Visualize their goal in Technicolor. The go far beyond the idea stage and desire, which is needed but not sufficient. They get detailed about the How and the When that they expect to see their goal become their reality.

2. They submerge themselves in the pleasure of their achievement and how it feels to be a powerful achiever. Their belief system is very strong and unwavering. Then they imagine the pain that they will experience if their goal is not realized and they fail. For many of these individuals, Failure is not an option.

3. Their Passion is fierce. Their eye is on the ball and their discipline and persistence doesn't shrink. It continues to grow and grow daily and this is what fuels their energy. It is an unending spiral that they refuse to leave because they do not want to miss a beat. Where does your power and strength lie? Do you believe in your self and your talents sufficiently to reach your glory? What are you doing daily to fuel your passion and maintain your focus?

4. Positive mind, body and spirit are the character traits that enables them to understand that they have limitless abilities and with the grace and support of their team whether they be natural or supernatural, they are destined to succeed. We all have a supernatural Divine Team that is ready, willing and able to help us on our Journey. It is our job to ask for their help and guidance and then we need to heed their suggestions and advise. Continue 24/7 to keep your goal at the forefront of your minds eye. Sometimes all you need to maintain the high energy is go back to the visualization process and walk through the process. Feel the experience, the struggles and the rewards and see the outcome in your mind. Internalize it and breath it into every cell of your body.

Negative thoughts only have one goal to help you fail. When you move into that realm of negativity, you open the door to pessimism, feelings of insecurity and the belief that you are limited by some condition, situation or circumstance. I have said often and I will repeat myself we all make choices and fortunately or otherwise, we will have to live by our choices. If you have a wish or a dream that continues to recur, that is no accident. That is God, your Creators way of letting you know that you can experience the success that you want if you are willing to do the work and move through your personal valley of darkness so that you can reach your light and destiny.

I hope you are now ready to begin on your program towards your success for the coming New Year.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, December 3, 2014