Are you willing to fight for what you want?

I just finished watching the American women and the Chinese women in the volleyball Olympic competition and all I can say is WOW!

Both teams were fantastic and both teams did a fabulous job but in the end, only one team can win and that was the Americans. The point is are you willing to fight for what you want in life? Obviously---in the analogy between the sports world and the fight for our lives whether in business, on the home front orwhereveryou are seeking to succeed, the question remains are you willing to fight to the end point?

I can only look at my life and wonder am I willing to really fight for what I want because after all that really is the only question to ask. For me, it brought home the fact that I must continue to keep pushing forward for what I am seeking. Having said that, I also need to say and I cannot stop from focusing on what I am seeking. You see, I am moving from California to the Gulf Coast of Florida and have been here for a week looking for the right place to call home. It has been challenging and difficult because I have very few properties to choose from and as a result, I was getting discouraged. So this morning as I was preparing for my day with my daily exercise program, meditation that is most definitely needed to prepare myself and my day and then my action plan, I got energized. I decided not to wait for the realtors to dictate my fate, so I took the matter into my own hands and began to search for the right property on the Internet that might fill my needs. Then I went to different neighborhoods and started to speaking with people, my prospective neighbors within the neighborhoods that I decided I wanted to live.

I am usually not very outgoing, so it takes an extra effort for me to stop the car and introduce myself. At first, I met an older couple originally from Turkey who just rented their home to someone else but nonetheless, insisted that I come in and look at their home. They were friendly and sweet but the house was not available to me. After we exchanged our goodbyes, I started to drive off when I say a woman walking her dog. I wanted to keep driving but something inside of me said go and introduce yourself. What a delight! She was not only friendly but warm and encouraging and she shared with me a great deal of information about the area including her trusted agent whom she was sure would work for me and my behalf.

The excitement was building and soon I was feeling empowered and confident that I was going to find the ideal property that would satisfy my heart, soul and pocketbook.

My point to this entire story is if you really want to achieve something that is important to you, you MUST fight for it. It is so easy to get discouraged or to say, itisn'tworking out but in truth, that is only acop-out Each one of us has the power within to keep pushing farther and farther we simply need to believe in our power and stop procrastinating.

Just like the gold winners in the Olympics and just like me you too can succeed and find your golden moment the key is to never stop seeking.

Joan Marie Ambrose
Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, August 8, 2012