Are you willing to adapt to what life hands you?

 Sometimes in life, we like to make excuses for what is placed in front of us.  But as I have observed how many unfortunate people have been struggling through the aftermath of recent storms, I was amazed how they are learning to adapt to their current situation in amazing ways.  Some refuse to give in and give up and others have declared that they will survive!  They have been coaching themselvesto keep positive, upbeat and to above all believe that things will get better.  

 Whether you are playing sports, running a campaign or trying to get through a difficult time, one phrase that must be said often is— “I will adapt”.   I will adapt to the situation that is placed in front of me.  Watching how these amazing people are hanging in there and adapting is a powerful life lesson for all of us.  Yes, we complain and go into fear and anger but at the end of the day we have two choices—either we adapt, or we succumb to the desperation.  You have the power within to pull yourself up and if you remember to give yourself a boast and coach yourselfin apositive way, you willbecome strong, empoweredand worthy to live a joy-filled life.  

 Even today in a rain downpour, I was driving home when I saw a man in his wheelchair heading home with his grocery bags tightly held in one hand as he was steering his chair with the other and all I could do at that moment was say a prayer for his soul and all that he has had to endure.  He has definitely learned to adapt to his situation as he has empowered himselfto be self-sufficient and self-supportive.  As I look around each day, I realize how fortunate I am for my struggles are small compared to the huge upheaval of others in the world.  

 I have learned from all of you who are facing a difficult time and I am supremely humbled by your words, actions and state of mind.  I have heard that we humans have a difficult time with change but in truth, we can and do adapt to change instinctively and naturally.  Change has been happening in nature since the beginning of time and when we look back on history, we realize how much we have all changed and adapted to new ways of living.  

 When I look back on my life, I also realize how much I have changed and how much I have grown in wisdom, understanding and compassion towards others and myself all because I have been willing to change.  To experience positive change in one’s life requires discipline and self-control of your attitude and emotions.  It is so easy to spend time reliving the hardships and the negative thoughts that seem to surround us yet when we consciously and willingly adapt to the situations that are placed in front of us, we are better able to seek out solutions.

 Now don’t get me wrong—I am not saying that change or your willingness to adapt comes easy.  Quite the contrary!  However, what I am saying is that when you take a broad look at your options and circumstances, the best alternative is adapting in such a way as to harness your thoughts, build up resilience and plow ahead with courage and added strength knowing full well that God has a plan.  His plan is not always our plan, but he definitely has got our back and will not let us falter if we are willing to try. That is the coachingmessage you need to tell yourself daily. Yes, we all have the power within to coach ourselvesif and when we take the necessary steps to empower ourselvesto be at our best.   For every problem there is a solution and it is our responsibility to find the right solution for all of our situations.  When I am in doubt, I call in my Power Angelsto help me stay strong, find the right answers and gain clarity of vision for what is being placed in front of me.  My Power Angelsare my best friends! They guide my life, they show their love and support and they protect me from accidents and negative situations when I heed their messages and words.  

 When you are forced into a compromising condition, I encourage you to breathe deeply—that process allows oxygen to come into your lungs, which in turn enables you to calm down and think clearly.  It is also healthy at that moment to reach out to family and friends and keep them near. Their support helps to stabilize you and themselves as you strengthen your resolve.  Then you are better prepared to focus on solutions.  Unexpected change often takes us by surprise so these simple steps can help you get past the initial shock as you begin to gain composure and clear thinking.  And of course, be patient with yourself and the process because this process may take time.  Work hard at not getting down and discouraged and build an environment around positive thoughts, actions and a strong sense of worth. That is how you empower yourselfto be resilient and courageous.  

 When all is said and done, you will look back on these experiences and know that you were successful in holding your ground because you were able to coach yourselfto stand tall and firm as you also invoked your wonderful Power Angelsto come to your aid.  Don’t give up but instead adapt and I know your life will prosper.  


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2019