Are you a victim of sadness?

Let's face it -- we all get sad from time to time; that is part of living but that does not mean we must live in that state for a prolonged period of time. Sadness is felt when things are not going our way and we feel unhappy or discontent. Maybe a past experience or memory triggers sadness and sets you spinning. In today's fast-paced society, it is easy to fall often into the sadness trap because we never seem to have sufficient time to get everything done and that in itself diminishes our pleasant state of mind.

Many seem to get it wrong they blame their state of

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on others hoping that a partner or friend will help them restore their well-being. Let's get it right- you are the one who has the power to banish sadness and replace it with happy thoughts. It actually is up to you to build your life around the feelings and energy that you wish to experience. When you are in mental, physical and emotional balance, you are in alignment. I know that we all have past experiences that sometimes create anxiety or anger but I encourage you not to fall into that trap. As I have said before, we cannot change the past but we certainly can cultivate a state of mindfulness where we control our thoughts.

The best way to switch gears and wash away your sad feelings is to replace then with feelings of happiness some moment or experience that brought a smile to your face or started you thinking about a pleasant situation. That is the best cure! Another great suggestion is to develop mindful emotional resilience that enables you to bounce back from unpleasant situations or circumstances by consciously being aware of your state of mind and body. My most important message is about changing your mood quickly so as to build a solid foundation that exhilarates your health instead of sending you into a state of despair. Let's face it we have all been there but we certainly do not need to linger there. You would better serve your emotional, physical and mental state of mind by learning the best techniques that will help you to quickly shift gears and move forward in a good and positive manner.

Some helpful tips to help you be in alignment might be:

Live in gratitude I daily count my blessings and show appreciation for what I have received in my lifetime. For example, I daily offer thanksgiving for the food that is plentiful and which I enjoy. I feel as though I am always partaking in a feast and for that I feel blessed. You decide about what it is that allows you to feel blessed in your life.

Stay active and involved Research has proven that an involved and active person feels better about him or herself and is healthier explore various options that will enable you to not only get

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involved but be an active participant in life and then watch your world change.

Share love with others It is a natural human attribute to feel the need to be loved and to share love. When you hug someone, you both benefit. Don't be shy and stop holding back offer someone a hug today and feel how it resonates within your heart and soul.

Physical exercise has many attributes It is impossible to feel sad when you are exercising. At that moment you are exhorting all of your energy in the physical body and its movement. Exercise is a wonderful way to shift gears and change your perspective on life. Try it and feel the benefits.

Perform a selfless act when you do something unexpected and nice for someone else, both of you benefit. Even if you think you are lacking in some area of your life, there is always someone else who has less. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do a self-less act for another and you will soon discover that your life has been altered and you are feeling happy and good. Wow! Isn't that wonderful?

We all have the power within us to shift gears and change perception all it takes is the right vision and dedication to offer a helping hand combined with a right decision. You have the power of the Universal Flow behind you offering its support; the key is committing to the journey and taking that first step to reach out and touch someone else who just might be hurting more than you.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, August 2, 2013