Are you at a turning point in your life?

turning point graphicI know that I am at a turning point for my life right now. My life isn't the way I want it to end I have a vision for something more and I know that my story isn't near completion either; It is actually beginning in a new and different way. I feel it in my bones and I know in my heart that new and wonderful opportunities are right in front of me waiting to be realized as long as I do my part and keep my focus.

It doesn't matter what age you are, you can have a new beginning if you believe it and can perceive it. Too often we look at where we are and think that that is the way our life is supposed to be but that is not true. You are not weak or lacking -on the contrary You have a great power inside of you that can rise you up and empower you if you have the attitude that says: "My life is not over I still have a lot to accomplish!"

You may be at a turning point in your life but at this moment you must stay in great faith and hope as you know in the depths of your heart that your vision has steam in it and it can be energized if and when you push harder and never stop being the motivational force behind your desires.

crossroads imageYour greatest joy is coming to you but you have work to do. Keep vigilant as to where you place your attention. Keep your intention and desires clear and precise so you don't give up your dream. Know that God is in control of your life and is there for you helping you push through but you are the one who has to make it come into your reality. I know you may feel as though it may not happen but don't forget your life isn't over---Your dreams and heart's desires will come to pass if you still believe in yourself. Continue the dialogue with yourself and know that your life is not over and you don't have to accept what is in front of you instead you need to realize that you are only at a turning point in your life and that only means that you can turn towards your greatness or take the easy road and simply drift. What you believe in and choose will determine your outcome.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, May 12, 2014