Are you thinking Big thoughts yet?

thinking woman-2Thinking big thoughts actually opens your heart and soul to expect more in your life. Some might say: "Why should I deceive myself by expecting more from my life?" My answer is: Why would you limit yourself?

If you can use your imagination to think bigger, you will discover that you are soon planting seeds in the garden of your mind that when watered and nurtured will germinate into a big and beautiful array of fruits and vegetables.

What does it really mean to think big?

For me, I can say that as I continue to nurture my imagination, utilize my creative talents and allow my mind to think big, I increase my Vision of what is possible for me in my life. If your vision is limited and clouded, your growth and openness to new possibilities will also be limited and clouded. It also takes a great deal of Courage and Strength to pursue your goal and/or dreams. If you don't try, you will never know if you can succeed. Anyone who has truly accomplished big dreams has had to work long and hard to achieve it. This way of thinking is not for the weak hearted.

Continue developing your mental state of mind; allowing your mind to richly serve you. Be open to new opportunities, events and circumstances for increasing wealth and success in your life. Expect new possibilities opening and entering your life. As a Big Thinker, there may be changes and choices to consider keeping this powerful energy activated but stay diligent and persistent. Being a Big Thinker takes focus of your intention. Be deliberate in maintaining rich thoughts, feelings and images. Consciously send that energy out into the ethers of the Universe. Continue to do your daily routine, knowing that your messages, your life's dreams and desires are being heard and picked up.

I have found from my own experiences that as I am living this way and using my positive mindset to help me manifest wealth and good health, sometimes great challenge cross my path and cause me to pause. This is the time you need to stay vigilant and firm in your convictions and refuse to fall prey to the challenges. Pray often for increased courage and strength. Be in gratitude to Your Creator for all the blessings and gifts that are placed in front of you now, no matter how small and keep pushing forward.

I believe this is the Universe's way of helping rid old situations and circumstances that have been hindering you as it is making room for all good things to enter your life. Please repeat often: Challenges bring me opportunities. A Big Thinker doesn't move into fear or say, this doesn't work. Frequently in our lives, we need to let go of the old so that we have room for the new. The moment you decide to release old beliefs, habits, acquaintances or belongings that no longer serve you, the Universe automatically knows you are preparing to receive what you want and desire. It is a law of nature always filling the vacuum. Whenever you form a vacuum the Universe rushes in to fill that empty space. It is your job as a Big Thinker to get out there and do some cleaning and clearing and see what happens because the Universe is working to help you manifest your desires.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, November 3, 2014