Are you stuck in your life?



The past is gone and will never return!  Once you let go of it and begin to plan on how you want your present and future life to turn out, you will begin to transform your life as your empower yourself to become more of what you hope to become. 

Maybe it’s time to make a review of where you are right now in lifeAre you stuck and have fallen into self-pity or are you going to move forward and make your life happen? Possibly you are only focused on the past experiences and from that position you are simply dragging around all the old baggage that is weighing you down due to hurtful memories.

Life is too short to live with the thought of all your old baggage paralyzing you. If you continue to carry it around, you won’t get very far—because the weight becomes too overwhelming and therefore, making it impossible to transform your life that way you have dreamt it to be.   If something didn’t work out – maybe the job that you thought would be the ultimate, but it wasn’t - don’t beat yourself up or be angry. Maybe your relationship didn’t work out—unwarranted sadness and regrets can and will stop your flow. If you focus on all the pain and uncomfortable situations that you have been through over the course of your life and all the hurts you’ve experienced from the past, you will miss out on the joys that are right in front of you. I am here to tell you that when you set your mind to release and let go of the past hurts and situations, you are beginning to empower yourself for your highest and best good. 

Doors will begin opening up daily for you, as you break the ties from the past and choose to focus on what will bring you joy, contentment,​and inner peace. The mind is a very powerful instrument; it has the ability to constantly re-play the old story.  That is why you need to become strong and empower yourself to stay vigilant, alert and determined to change and transform your life.  If you keep dwelling on the disappointments and challenges, you will sabotage yourself.

We can always savor the good and meaningful memories of our lives, however, it would greatly serve you well that when the past hurtful experiences come to the foreground, you look at them as life lessons and as only stepping stone to help you towards your greatness. 

Just so you know, an exchange must be made. If you refuse to let go of the past, you cannot receive the new!   It is as simple as that!  In order to transform your life and rest with inner peace, you need to be disciplined in your thought life. Start changing the channels of your life story and stop reliving the old because it will keep you stuck. You cannot change the past but you certainly can change the future.

Everything I am saying to you is true—I know it and I believe it because it has happened to me and I trust that it will work out for you too. When you take small steps of faith and trust in the process of life, you begin to experience amazing new and wonderful things.  Inner peace, transformation, and joy will show up with your effort and willingness to make it happen.   Don’t stay stuck in your life!  Make an effort to change and transform your life because you are worth it!


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, September 17, 2019