Are you into sending love to yourself?

yoga woman imageThere are many people that I know who without even realizing it are into sending hurt and pain to themselves because they actually abuse their bodies without knowing it, yet ask them to love their bodies that is a different story. We have not been taught to love ourselves. We love our partners, our children and families but we too often pay very little attention to ourselves it seems that we think of ourselves last in the realm of things. I have always looked at my life and my

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body as being my responsibility and therefore, it is up to me to do what ever is necessary to stay healthy, mentally, physically and emotionally.

For me it stands to reason. I feed my body three healthy meals a day to nurture and sustain me. I have come to understand and realize that I also need to put the same energy into my heart and soul so that I can nurture and grow my spiritual self. We are all spirit being who have come to this planet Earth because we have a mission, a purpose to fulfill. We take on a body, a physical form so that we can identify with each other.

Take me as an example. If I lose sight of my main goal and purpose, I start to veer in different directions and eventually I lose my direction. Confusion can set in along with many other negative patterns, such as, anger, resentment fear just to name a few.

For me to counteract those negative emotions, I spend time on me. Through meditation, quiet time possibly going for long walks, I commune with my inner soul and speak to it. This practice allows me to nurture my soul who in turns nurtures me.

I have had clients who have said, look at my body, it is fat my fingers are getting arthritis and they hurt and the story goes on and on. My comments to those people are: STOP stop speaking negatively to your body. It hears your words and because of them, it wants to shut down. It wants to stop supporting you because you have stopped loving it and showing it respect. Our bodies are living organisms and they respond to our touch, just like a baby responds. So if you want your body to respond favorable to you, I encourage you to love your body, treat it with respect and nurture it by telling it how much you love it. I have always told my body how much I love it and I thank it for staying healthy and filled with positive energy. I message my fingers daily and send them love; it saddens me to see the crippled hands of so many people. It doesn't have to be that way. Start sending love to your body by messaging it, stroking it and letting it know that you are happy with the body that God gave you. You just might be pleasantly surprised at what you see happens.


Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker



Blog Date: 
Monday, May 14, 2012