Are you ready for change?

I am sure you are well aware of the change that is in the air. The season of fall is upon us and we are entering the last quarter of this year.   You are hearing this powerful word “change” in the media and you might even be feeling the need for it inside of yourself.  If you are feeling anxious, on edge, confused or just frustrated, maybe you need to look within yourself and see what you might need to do to create some positive change for your life.  You have the power within you to heal your life, to heal your body if you choose to bring it about. 


As we are entering into a new fall season it is time for you to implement the change that your soul is longing to create.  As I was really focusing within myself this past summer, I was checking in with my soul to see if there was anything emotionally still holding me back from the next phase of my life?   I have a strong desire to reach my highest potential and I am ready to do it now.  I have been preparing myself for positive change, which means that I have been diligently working to improve my attitude, my behavior and the environment that I have placed myself within.


 I believe that it is truly a gift and a blessing to check in with yourself and understand where you are emotionally.  What has helped me the most in my life is to truly understand myself, which means who I am and who I truly want to become?  Dear friends, I believe it is important to explore how I can get to my next level so that I can own my true worth and my genuine values.  Only then will I have the opportunity to heal my life and heal my body from all the emotional baggage that has previously been dragging me down and I might add, ageing me. 

 I sincerely hope that it just might be the perfect time for you also, to decide your own worth and your own value.  When you do this, you will allow yourself to be a leader in all situations in your life.  If I can accomplish this growth and change then so can you!

 I believe too many of us are clinging to our past experiences, which are effectively blocking our ability to reach our full potential for success.  As part of our product line, we have a 3 part CD series entitled The Power of Forgiveness, The Gift of HealingThis three-part CD has been a beautiful and fulfilling experience for me to be able to listen to and to meditate on because it has offered me a powerful and transformational way to heal my life and heal my body at the same time.

 I know this three-part CD series will help each one of you once and for all face your demons and re-connect you with the Divine Creator whom I know we are all striving to befriend.  Please take a look at this informational and meditative tool and choose to change and improve the quality of your life now.  I know you will be glad you did!

 Go to the web site at www.joanmariewhelan.comand click on the product menu bar to see all our amazing products created to help you change your life.  


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Blog Date: 
Monday, September 9, 2019