Are you a patient person?

Patience is a wonderful virtue that I am still working on. I pray for patience all the time and yet I find myself really lacking it. I must admit that I speak to myself all the time about patience especially when I find myself clutching the steering wheel at a traffic light or even find myself in a long line at the check-out counter and feeling restless.

I am fully aware of what patience is but all to often it seems to elude me so I find myself in constant conversation with my higher self, seeking guidance.

Do any of you have a difficult time relaxing and simply allowing the Universe to show you the way or do you, like me, try to push and make things happen?

Just recently, I had a powerful realization when a friend informed that that it was a good think that what

I was seeking was stalled. I have been wanting to move to the Gulf Coast of Florida but the situation that was allowing the move to come to fruition has stalled causing me to put a halt to my plans. Then I was shown that the weather in Florida has been rainy, stormy and truly unpleasant; so, in the bigger scheme of things, I should be grateful. As I realized the chain of events, I began to simply be grateful that I was in sunny Southern California where the weather is pleasant, in the very low 70's and with a gentle breeze. Many people would classify that as ideal or even the perfect life.

Maybe it is time for me to slow down and stop being in such a hurry all the time. I realize that a slower pace might actually be smarter and wiser for me. My life has always been so busy that I have forgotten how to relax and enjoy the lifestyle that has been placed in front of me.

Another characteristic trait that might serve me more is to re-look at what is important to me in my life. I am a kind and generous person but then again, my impatience often leads others to believe that I am not. So once again, this just might be the time for me to re-think what is important and where I need to place my values. If I am becoming impatient about something that has little value or is so inconsequential to the bigger picture, that just might be a clue that I need to shift my focus, take a deep breathe in and think about my behavior and thoughts. Yes, patience is a mental skill so having said that, I believe it would be worthwhile for me to develop an attitude that will help me cultivate patience even in the smallest of situations.

For me being impatient doesn't mean that I yell or scream; that behavior is not who I am. But on the other hand, It is in my rushing and my body language that causes others to think that I am angry or upset when those thoughts have not crossed my mind. I think my greatest realization is that I hold myself to such high standards that I ultimately do the same for others and that behavior is wrong and inappropriate. Expecting everything to go perfectly just isn't going to happen. When I realize that truth and work on bring it into my conscious mind, I know I will be a better and more patient person.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012