Are you an open-minded person?

Every day we travel on the roadway of life connecting with all types of personalities and characters who either influence us or allow us to pass by and move along quietly unprejudiced.  Relationships enter into all our daily activities and some are negative while others are inspiring and positive.  We sooner or later become our own relationship expert as we observe and decide what relationships we want to encourage and which ones we choose to avoid. 


We all have those people who are significant in our lives but do we ever let them know how much we value them or love being in their presence?  Healthy and positive relationships are some of the most wonderful connections we can enjoy in our lives. However, some people close themselves off from making new relationships because they think they cannot handle cultivating new experiences or people in their lives.  Sadly enough, those individuals are missing out on new opportunities to broaden their horizons and experiences.  As a life coach, I have seen first hand how some people deny them selves from being open minded and receptive to life changing views and interests.


I personally find it interesting to meet new people, hear what they have to say because I never know when I will learn something new.  Being a life coach allows you to try new ways of challenging yourself, listening to others thoughts and opinions and thinking outside the box.  Self-discovery is amazing as it offers numerous opportunities to explore what experiences or things of beauty that are hidden just around the corner of your daily life. There are numerous types of relationships that challenge you, uplift you and even support you, so as your own relationship expert, I ask you to also be your own life coach and force your to step outside of your comfort zone, keep an open mind and take a chance on experience a new encounter that just might add some spice to your life.  Who knows, someday you just might look back on your life and that moment when you enjoyed a sweet time of laughter and joy with someone who opened your mind and softened your heart.  One word can start a relationship, one smile can change a life, one look can save a relationship and one person at a time can change the world.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, June 7, 2017