Are you making sound choices for your life?

nothing worth doing is easy symbolWe all have serious work to do. Are you prepared? Do you care and are you ready to bring in the change that you are seeking?

It is all about making the right choices today and stop waiting for what you think might be the ���Right Time'?

Many of you have been "trying" for years and are still waiting to "get started." Quite possible the "TRYING" has to do with the stall Stop Trying and Start Taking Action!

~Stop compromising yourself!

~Stop worrying about what others think about you!

~Stop "Trying" and Start "Making Sound Choices."

Has the lack of Positive Results caused strains in your relationships, your career, your physical well- being? Maybe I can be of some help. Don't put yourself down...instead pick yourself up and "Trust" that there is a Divine plan for you. I know where some of you are right now. That's why I'm writing this to you today and I want to say to you right now.


You can DO THIS. You, too, can take charge of your life.

YOU CAN. Here's how I've done it and you CAN TOO.

I'VE MADE A DAILY COMMITMENT TO transform my self, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I have learned to like me and nurture me. I have never lost my FOCUS and my ATTENTION is always on my end result.

A conscious and alert mind is required in order to be in a place of nothingness, a place where the Creator resides. It is a form of meditation. Did you know that there are many ways to meditate? I enjoy sitting in nature and feeling the silence. At that moment I am focusing on nothingness. Having trained myself to meditate and bring in those feelings of focused attention combined with my physical relaxation allows me to utilize the "Triggers" that bring this state into my reality. Many people use walking as a form of meditation. It can be a time of complete release of stress and anxiety. I have also discovered that it is healthy to be in nature and just observe the trees and flowers by feeling their energy vibration, such as the thickness of a tree trunk or the power in the green leaves rustling in the breeze. This is another form of meditation.

When you are in tune with yourself and how you feel about yourself, you will be better prepared to bring in those feeling of focused attention which help set the stage for relaxation at any time. To initiate meditation is to begin to take charge of quieting the mind and this is a process that improves with practice. Through your centered attention to what it is you are seeking, you open the floodgates from the Universe to let it flow to you. This is a powerful approach to receiving that which you are seeking or craving to experience. I hope this helped?

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, September 8, 2014