Are you in the game?

It is easy to participate in life and smile and feel good when everything is going right but what happens when you get injured---are in emotional pain or something doesn't go your way how do you act, respond and feel?

If you have been faced with a physical or emotional injury, wound or a break-ups that caused you to sit on the sidelines don't linger in that place but instead choose to get back in the game of life. You have to pick yourself back up -brush your self off and get back in the game if you are to become all that you were meant to be.

Even if you are hurting, you still have to be determined to get back in the game. Don't let the loss hurt or whatever life throws your way weaken your resolve and destroy your motivation; you still have to be a participant of life and stay in the game. Even if you are hurting, you still have to be part of life and stay positive. Any body can get down and angry and negative but the strong-hearted never stays down or dejected they lick their wounds and bounce back up again knowing that they are the ones who have to make the choice the choose to stay in the game because that is the

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only way you are going to succeed.

We can love the person who is nursing his or her wounds but we cannot heal them only they have the power to choose to change their attitude, behavior and environment so that they can move forward. Don't feel sorry for yourself instead shift your attitude and choose to get back in the game. Choose to rise to a new life, a new beginning. We all need a new perspective for our lives---A good healthy life is in front of you if you seek it.

Life is all about choices. Whether we are conscious about it or not, we are daily making choices as to the food we eat, the job we work at, the activities that we participate in or the time we go to bed. Do not allow others to dictate your choices. You have the power within to decide. Choose to arise from discouragement or loss or hurt or being treated unfairly---choose to get back into the game. Even though you are hurting----don't complain---when one door closes look for another door or window to open up for you and always seek the sunlight.

God knows and sees your effort and he/she knows your pain and hurt---he is standing behind you and holding you up but you need to continue to

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push through it and stay in the game. Show God that you can get through these challenging times. Show God that you have the courage and strength to push through because you are a believer and you trust that God will get you through the tough times. We all have our weak moments and get discouraged but do not allow those situations to pull you down or cause you to give up. It is okay to get down and feel discouraged- those emotions are natural. It is okay to cry and feel saddened but it is not okay to give up---don't allow any negative activity, pain or any type of situation to stop you from fulfilling your destiny.

In truth none of us knows the outcome---the future or how our lives are going to play out and you will never reach your pinnacle if you refuse to stay in the game. Even when you are hurting, keep your heart open and believe that God will pull you through. Hold your ground knowing that in time you will discover your joy and the best part of your life.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, July 16, 2013