Are you a friend to you?

Seriously---How do you treat yourself on a daily basis and how do you take care of you because that usually tells the world what you think about yourself. I truly like myself and who I am. The other day I received a compliment from a man and he said: "I can see that you are a beautiful person." I answered with: "Thank you yes, I am." After I said those words I caught myself thinking WOW I praised myself in front of all those people. But I had to agree with him because I know with all my faults and shortcomings, I have a lot to offer the world and yes, on the inside of me, I am beautiful.

Those words were not spoken in conceit or arrogance but rather in self-respect and pride. I work diligently at taking care of myself and I am aware of all the ways I need to behave and nurture my mind, body and spirit. So I am asking you to self-evaluate and examine if you are a friend to you too. Do you feel good about who you are? Are you kind and respectful to you?

I was speaking to a young man today and he was sharing how he treated himself and his daughter this morning to a breakfast out at a local cafe. He stated that he truly enjoyed doing something special and that hedoesn'tdo it very often. I tried to remind him that if hedoesn'ttreat himself special, heshouldn'texpect others to do it either because he is the one who sets the pace for others to follow. I also said that it is important to be conscious and kind to yourself because that nurturing opens you up to do the same for others. This young man feels guilty when he does something just for himself yet he also becomes angry when hedoesn'tbecause he is feeling less than and unimportant. This inner conflictdoesn'tusually product healthy results. Isn'tit time to give yourself permission to take some positive actions that would best serve you and your emotional state? I believe the answer is ���YES'.

Overwhelm, disconnect and discontent are often warning signs that something is out of balance with you your energy tank is running on low and is about to run-out! When you have those feelings, that is the time to slow down and make a pact with yourself to do something just for you something that feeds your soul and produces a feeling of joy and happiness as it also improves your overall energy and attitude about life and yourself. When you take stock of your state of being, you are not only doing yourself a favor but those who are within your sphere of influence because you are in a better frame of mind to give and share yourself with others.

I know that many people put themselves last on their list of importance and things to do but that is wrong. Your personal, emotional and mental state of being has great value and worth and it is about time that you take yourself seriously and begin to put you back into the equation of love and joyful living.

It is never to late to learn how to become a friend to yourself. All it takes is a little awareness and interest in self-preservation. When your partner or dear friends need a kind word or helping hand, you are there to give it. Try that same practice on yourself. Ask your heart what it needs right now to feel happy and content what you need right now to feel happy and less stressful? You just might be surprised with the answer that you receive. I encourage you to let your inner wisdom speak and then follow through on the thoughts and answer. You can always find the time to do something of value and importance if you see its worth. So I encourage you that even though you might feel that you do not have the time, make it happen and give yourself permission to enjoy a pleasure that your soul has been craving to experience. Isn'tit time to be a good friend to you?

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, December 10, 2012