Are you falling short of your goals?

 Are you someone who is having difficulty in achieving your goals? Willpower and a pattern shift will help you get closer to achieving your goals so that you will be better prepared to reach your highest potential!  By willpower I mean, being willing to harness self-control over your life and those situations that we all encounter daily.  Sometimes it is easy to exhibit self-control but too often it is very difficult because the pull towards those experiences that really don’t benefit us is strong.  That is when your ability to be your best life coach comes into play.  After all, no one wants to deny themselves the basic desires that seem to be so appealing.  We get lazy and make excuses for ourselves; however, I am here to tell you that that approach to life usually leaves you falling short of your goals.  Maybe it is time to give your self a pep talk and become your best life coach yet!

 When you consciously have the strength to refrain from overeating or you refuse to participate in harmful gossip or name calling, you are showing restraint and willpower.  When you are aware of temptations that might give you instant gratification but long-term heartbreak, you are exhibiting willpower and self-control.  No one can sustain a life of constant indulgence without repercussions; It would serve you to learn how to maintain balance and a real sense of self-control and discipline. 

 I have found that when I face temptations and consciously refrain from following its call, I feel free and more content with myself.   It is like I just won the battle with my ego mind and my higher self, came out ahead.  Yes, it takes discipline and a conscious awareness that allows me to make a sound choose that will lead me to greater joy. But then again, I am worth the effort!   Now mind you, I don’t always succeed; I admit that I often give in to my lower base desires.  However, I work diligently at rebounding and finding a better way to improve and succeed by putting in front of me, things, people or situations that strengthen my resolve. I have a strong desire to reach my highest potentiality and that desire alone has given me the courage and strength to constantly push forward. In other words, I choose to remove from my focal point unnecessary temptations, unwanted stressful situations and even unrealistic goals that will only set me up to fall.  I am continually reading material that will allow me to boast my mind to focus on the positive end result that I have set for myself.  I envision what my life will look like as I work towards transforming my life for the better.  When I take those positive steps to improve my life, I am being a good life coach to myself.

 When I am struggling to push through a challenge, I find that talking to myself and coaching myself is very helpful.  In other words, I give me a pep talk! I have a dialogue with my mind.  I start asking questions, looking for the root cause of my block and ways that I can strengthen my self-control that will set me up for success. I am also continually reaching out to my Power Angels and asking for their support, guidance, love and yes input.  I encourage you to try new approaches towards strengthening your willpower.  If fear is holding you back, speak to the fear and find out why you experience those emotions.  You will always get an answer. 

 Our minds and spirits are intelligent and will respond when pushed to the wall.  You will find that with time, you will get better with your inward conversations and eventually your gut feelings and/or intuition will be communicating in a stronger and clearer manner.  When we truly understand what is holding us back, we are better able to overcome our fears, anxiety and blocks. 

 Once you see or feel a breakthrough in the right direction, continue to be persistent.  Don’t get lazy and think you can slide a little because you will, too quickly, discover that that kind of attitude will cause you to slip and slide backward.  If you really have a target that you want to reach so that you will transform your life for the better, you will need to stay the course, discipline yourself, remain persistent and keep your eye on the end game.  I, for one, choose to reach my highest potential in this lifetime that is why I need to get all the support I can from my Power Angels.  They, indeed, are my closest and dearest friends and I encourage you to make them your true friends too!

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

Mahatma Gandhi

 “In the absence of willpower, the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.”

Aleister Crowley


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, September 11, 2018