Are you continually feeding yourself in a healthy way?

We get so busy living our daily lives that we forget to pay attention to the needs of our minds, body and spirit.  I realize it is difficult to stay on top of your craft, to stay in the game and to keep up pace with everyone else around you.  I want to remind you, however, it is important to stay focused and to make sure you are serving all of you not just your material needs if you expect to heal your life as you choose to also transform your life for the better. 

Your primary job on Earth is to remember your purpose and meaning for being here.  Each one of us has a destiny to fulfill and to work towards but because we are trying to just get by everyday, we don’t take the time to slow down and reflect on our truth and our authentic needs.   When you realize the benefits you receive by staying in balance with your true identity, you will truly live your life in its fullest way.  When you constantly feed yourself in all directions you will most definitely be living your life in a healthy and balanced way.  It’s time to get plugged into your Higher Source who is ready, willing and able to show you how to transform your life so you can heal your life for your highest and best good. 

There are some breakthroughs that can only be seen, heard and realized when you are in alignment with all of you.  Obstacles confront all of us but when you decide to feed yourself in a healthy way on a continual basis, you receive the benefits of being connected in a strong and supportive way from all aspects of your being including staying in alignment with your Infinite Intelligence. 

You need to stay plugged in, committed and ready to proceed for the long haul of your life if you expect to transform your life for the better.  Every day you have the opportunity to transform your life as well as to heal your life when you are ready to tap into the three aspects of your being, your mind, body and spirit in a healthy and wholesome manner.  It’s time to appreciate your whole being and when you do, your life will be blessed as you also feed into the blessings. 

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, April 4, 2017