Are you content where you are in your life?

woman being contentIs it time for you to learn how to be content and grateful for what you have today? Contentment is a state of mind. You actually have all the grace you need to enjoy each time and/or day of your life if you can live happy where you are at this state of life right now. You cannot let your contentment be based on your material wellbeing. Even if you do not have all that you want for your life; contentment must be felt, enjoyed and lived. Don't continually ���wish' for something else, instead, feel the peace and joy of where you are in this moment.

God gives you the grace for each season. It is easy to complain and find something wrong with your state of life for what is lacking and for what you don't have but it is important to make up your mind to accept where you are right now and stop complaining. You may not like your life as it is today. That is okay but no matter what be content and happy with what you have right now. There is a lot right with your life so enjoy what you have at this moment-- God may have put you in this place because you need to learn where you are is actually good enough.

Be joyful for where you are right now. Choose to be happy today. God has given you the grace you need to enjoy this place where you are right now. It is making you stronger and better for being content with your state of life. Make life good because you are content with where you are.

We are so focused on what we want that we miss what is placed in front of us. Being content doesn't mean that we are not seeking or striving for change and improvement in our lives but rather we are finding the joy of where we are and living in the moment. All of your dreams may not have come to pass yet but you still should be content with where you are right now. Possibly there is a purpose for you being in this place. Learn to appreciate what you have right in front of you and grow and be grateful for where you are.

While you are waiting for things in your life to change, be content, be happy and be in gratitude that what you have is wonderful. You are in a process of change and that process is bringing you blessing so stay alert and walk in the right direction.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, March 13, 2015