Are you a conqueror or a defeatist?

be a conqueror imageToo often people say that they are the way they are because of their genes. Their parent was a depressed person or even filled with worry and resentment so that is why they are the same way. We tend to make excuses for the way our lives have turned out but I want you to know there is no question that you can deactivate those negative genes and reshape your thoughts and beliefs if that is your choice. I invite you not to become complacent and start being a conqueror over your life. How you ask by activating the right genes. We may receive our DNA from our parents - those characteristic traits that we believe define who we are, but I want you to also know that just like negative and struggling genes can be part of our past history, so can positive genes.

My message to you is: Just because a gene is passed down, it doesn't have to be activated or invited into your energy field. Some genes can be turned on and some can be turned off and immobilized. So please do not fall into the trap of believing that you must have the same experiences that your parents had.

Our spiritual DNA is forever present and I believe it is time for you to tap into that energy and begin to seek out the greatness of those wonderful and powerful genes that have been gifted to you from the Creator.

Instead of blaming the past and your parents, start breaking away from your past beliefs and start seeking the positive thoughts and gifts that are right in front of you. You can enjoy them, if you are willing to move away from the past and raise your thinking by de-activating the negative genes and begin to choose optimism happiness and joy.

People often talk about the generational curse they think they are doomed by past circumstances and past family members struggles that is not true unless you make it so. It is now time to rise up - stand firm and stop your negative genes from taking hold of your belief system and your present life.

Seek your blessings and move away from the stumbling blocks and curses of past generations and choose the joys and graces that are your birthright. If you believe you are made in the image of your Creator, your Almighty God, then you also know that you have His genes, His characteristics and His gifts. When you think about it, you cannot help but feel free and equipped to receive all the greatness that is meant for you once you acknowledge your Source.

Please do not use your parents and/or relatives as an excuse. Do not fall into the trap of being negative and bound by all those dark thoughts, beliefs and self-pity that has defined your life in the past. Do not blame those circumstances that are facing you and start igniting all the right and wonderful genes that say you are free to be whomever you want to be you are free to find inner peace and joy you are free to experience a full life of health and wealth.

It is time to deal with your negative beliefs and thoughts and

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seek support, encouragement and a loving helpful hand that is waiting for you to make the right choices that will honor you and your Creator who gave you the right genes so that you would follow your true destiny.

change graphicBreak the negative cycle of the past and become free from the dark seeds and genes that you thought you needed to accept. Choose a good life, choose respect, and choose joyful experiences that will most definitely bring a smile to your face and a boost in your step.

Stop saying I can't help being like this or that because my mother or father or even my aunt and uncle were like that. That is your cop-out! Examine what you say and how you act. Just because your parents behaved that way doesn't mean that you need to follow in the same footsteps. Become a conqueror over your life. Make adjustment and change your steps and soon you will discover that your thoughts and behavior have changed because you made different choices to follow a better path.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, March 10, 2014