Are you comfortable with who you are?

content graphicDo you always feel as though you are not enough or do you believe that you must keep up with everyone else and that some how your life is not piecing together the way you had hoped? As long as you compare yourself with others, you will not feel as though you are enough and you will not be happy.

I am sure there are many people who are prettier than I or more slender than I am and even more successful yet I understand and know that I have talents that others do not have and I am proud of them and happy that I am me. As I learn to fine-tune my talents so that they represent me and give meaning to my life, I find that I am not only more comfortable with whom I am but I begin to see that I am molding and shaping my true identity to represent me and who I am becoming. Each

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one of us has been born with a special gift that was meant just for us and that, I believe, is where you and I need to keep our focus on what makes us special and unique.

Do not waste your energy on trying to compare you with others instead, learn to be happy, content and thrilled with your gifts and talents and start to believe that you have the resources you need to fulfill your life's purpose. It is time to stop discounting your gifts and start feeling whole and complete with what you have and who you are.

I have realized that when we seek out those things that are not meant for us, we end up feeling unhappy and disconnected with our authentic self. You have all that you need right inside of you to make your life full and secure. Start cultivating, nurturing and fertilizing your gifts and talents so they will grow stronger and more defined. Then you will be in the right place to fulfill your destiny. Opportunities abound all around us. Start to jump into the whole of your life's purpose and discover your real meaning of life. Start evaluating all the little things that you do for yourself and others and begin to see that they are only the precursor to the larger and bigger picture. Do not discount your work or your efforts because in truth you do not know the future nor do you see how your gifts and talents are preparing you to reach and fulfill your ultimate purpose. Each one of us has a specific purpose. Do not underestimate your function or your ultimate goal.

piece of the puzzleYou may only see a small piece of the puzzle that is right in front of you but with time, you will begin to gather all those small pieces and position them in a strategic way so that you begin to see the larger meaning and reason for everything that has contributed to your whole reason for living. For in the end it is the positioning of each piece of our lives that will make up the whole and present itself to us with excitement and joy.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, April 23, 2014