Are you bored with your life?

It happens more often to those who are older and questioning their level of successas they are wondering if they fulfilled their life's work; but in truth, this question can come up at any age. I have come to that realization frequently when I stand in the checkout line or ask service people questions. They are often disconnected with their job, they have very little knowledge about the product they are representing and it is obvious to see that they are not challenged or maybe it is that they are completely bored with what they are doing. In either case, people who are living within those perimeters lack enthusiasm or commitment toward excellence. This point is further made obvious by their physical appearance or lack thereof. Their body language is sluggish; they are frequently very overweight and therefore slow to maneuver their body. Their minds tend to take a backseat and their response is too often negative as they fail to interact properly with others. Their life is going through a crisis and their personal identity is buried in conflict both internal and external events.

Knowing what you want and how to get it is vital for one's survival. Having the ability to make sound decisions and plan your life path will benefit your movement, both mental and physical. More awareness of who you are and where you are placing your thoughts will definitely impact your growth and development both in your personal life and your professional career.

Feeling bored is one of the most common complaints that people express. Even children say they are bored because they don't know how to slow down and relax. Sometimes people say they are bored but in truth they are lonely and feeling uncomfortable with spending time with themselves. They need to be constantly busy, but when that happens they say that they are tired. Maybe a better word that needs to be defined is distraction and preoccupied. We like to be occupied to stop our mind from dwelling on the one thing that needs to be accomplished. If we can keep busy, maybe we will not have to dig deep and deal with our real meaning and purpose for being here in the first place. Looking for a scapegoat, a way to take your mind off of what is needed right now, may satisfy you in the short term but it certainly will not be able to address your real unfulfilled needs or craving.

For example, if you are craving love and companionship and that need is not being addressed, you may confuse that issue with feeling lonely or even rejection, which in turn can lead to even more pain and discomfort. The correct answer and solution is face your issues or needs, decide how you want to feel and experience life and then do something to change that state. In the example of craving a relationship, maybe you need to join a club, become active, participate and volunteer in different projects or activities so as to meet people. Branch out and do something that you haven't done before that is stimulating and challenging. It is proven that when we do things that are interesting or fun, our entire physiology changes and we become more interesting ourselves.

Boredom comes from feeling unfulfilled. Remember life is all about choices. Maybe it is time to get out of your comfort zone, take a small risk or chance and even challenge yourself. Talk to someone you haven't spoken to before, go alone to a social and introduce yourself to at least 5 people you haven't known before. If your job is unfulfilling, look for different work or ask to get involved in a study or research that would benefit your company. That is certainly a way to shift your energy and get noticed at the same time. In short, find something to stimulate and/or entertain you. As you break out of your mold you just might find a new and exciting life that will alter your habit patterns and add imagination to your life.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013