Are you a believer?

I think possibly a better question to ask is: "Where do you place your trust?" Is it in your fellow man, in your government or is it in the power and hand of God, your Creator? We have heard the words before: "Nothing is impossible to those who believe." In order to survive in this world, we need to believe in something and we need to trust that what we believe in will come to pass. For it is true no relationship can survive, thrive or grow and mature if it is not built on trust.

I just recently have encountered a young family who is having a difficult time with their son who is 15 years old. This young man has lost faith in his future and is continually challenging the authority of his father, so much so, that he has chosen to give up and withdraw from life. This choice of hisdidn'thappen overnight it has been brewing for many years. Since he has been a very young child his father has verbally put him down which is abuse. He has been strongly disciplined to the point that he has been forced to yield and/or crack to the demands and control of his father. Now that he is at the vulnerable age of being challenged as a young man, he is once again being told that his way is the wrong way and if hedoesn'tchange, he will be deprived of all that brings him joy.

The young man has lost faith, he no longer believes in new possibilities for his present moment and even if he is short sighted in his reasoning, he has lost [what he feels] is a safe-haven for trust. His spirit is gradually being destroyed and all in the name of discipline.

Where do we place our hope and trust and how do we believe in new possibilities if we are continually being controlled manipulated and even misguided? When the going gets tough, we need to toughen up and keep going!

We would all like to place our trust in our parents and/or family but sometimes in life that avenue becomes the wrong source. I, personally have learned in my life that if I wanted to become happy, successful and at peace within my world, I needed to place my trust in me as I call on guidance from above. I went from feeling defeated and miserable to declaring: "No one can hurt me or get me down if I am not willing to play their game. I made a conscious choice to make my weapon of choice my strong sense of determination, persistence and sharp focus. Your true sense of security and trust resides within your heart and soul. No one can destroy that but you. You certainly cannot predict the many twists and turns in life but you absolutely have the power [willpower] to turn your life around if you are ready to believe in your potentiality.

The story that I just shared with you can have a positive and uplifting ending if this young man decides to rethink where he is placing his anger and start looking at and moving towards placing his faith and trust in God. I must admit that at times in all of our lives, we move into the anger and resentful zone and say: I am going to get even with you." But that approach never leads to genuine fulfillment---only more resentment and anger.

It would be far greater to turn the other cheek so to speak lick your wounds and move onward and upward. Life is definitely too short to play the control game. Even if our parents don't get it, thatdoesn'thave to mean that the youth can't lead the way, be a good example and show them up by getting on with their life. There is always a solution to every problem and placing your focus on getting even is not one of them. Become a believer in new possibilities and make a difference in your life by placing your trust in God. No one wants to be controlled or even dictated to there definitely is a better approach to creating a win/win solution for all involved if and when the space is opened for new fresh possibilities to emerge. Remember, nothing is impossible for those who believe in the power of God. I for one can say with honesty and sincerity I am a believer.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Blog Date: 
Friday, May 10, 2013