Are you in agreement with God?

Stay Positive-Thinking-imageIn life, there are 2 voices the voice of faith and the other is the voice of defeat. If you listen to the wrong voice, you may be trapped by your words. Don't give your life to defeat or mediocrity. The voice of faith says, I am a victor not a victim and that voice give you encouragement and support.

It is most important to understand that you do not want to verbalize your negative thoughts or words, instead be strong, courageous and the one who will only nurture positive words and thoughts. Don't let your negative words cancel out what God has in store for you. Negative thoughts bring forth negative results. It would be to your advantage if you consciously raise your thoughts and aspire to be strong. To be in agreement with God requires that you have faith in God and speak words of faith, trust as you maintain a strong belief that you will defeat the enemy. This is a new day and you are a difference maker. Prophesize victory over your life; it doesn't matter how difficult it looks in the world you have God on your side and with God, nothing is impossible.

Don't let any huge mountain or challenge intimidate you There is no mountain too large in the eyes of God. Nothing is impossible in the eyes or name of God. In God you are a conquered. You will and can break the trouble that is before you because with God on your side, you are a victor.

It is not enough to think about it, you must speak about it Prophesize about it and declare that it will come to pass. Write it down and declare your belief, your statement and you will bring it into your reality. You can say, I am healthy, I am confident, I am happy, I am a person of excellence, of success and I am bright, wise and I am blessed and victorious. Your words will become your reality. Make those words a part of your every day vocabulary

and He wants you to take all the necessary steps that will bring all of His favor into your present life. You are the one who must speak it into your reality. Don't walk around in doubt but be strong and declare all that you are seeking because it is also seeking you.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Monday, March 30, 2015