Are we over-programmed with excessive technology?

Technology is great! It has opened the door to limitless potentiality and has stimulated the mind but I wonder at times if we are actually doing ourselves a disservice by allowing the high tech world to over-power our critical thinking skills.

There have been numerous thoughts on this topic so I decided to add my two cents worth to the mix. I have seen people of all ages get so caught up in their electronic devices that they are completely oblivious to what is going on around them. Electronic gadgets that keep our fingers and minds active 24/7 have replaced intelligent conversations and even small talk. We seek instant gratification rather than savor the taste of life through meaningful conversation.

I, myself, have felt invisible when holding a conversation with someone who suddenly dropped our conversation and replaced it with reading a text that just came across her phone. I was completely ignored, as I felt abused because I was replaced with an electronic device. I realized that I was not as important to the conversation or to adding input in this person's life as I thought. That behavior has annoyed me but to the other person, I should simply accept it and get over it.

Instant messaging has created an attitude of instant gratification yet at times it has also caused compulsive obsessive disorder or behavior where people, young and old alike are driven to stay connected for fear that they will miss out on something.

Sound bites and snippets seem to be the modality of the day. It doesn't require a lot of thought or valuable information and unfortunately, that mentality has caused many to be shallow in their communicative skills and ability to stay connected in a solid and rewarding way.

Critical thinking skills are necessary and valuable for those who are seeking a successful profession and in fact for all successful relationships and activities. Did you realize that trying to solve a problem or find a solution for something in your life that is challenging requires critical thinking skills?

According to the Journal of Athletic Training, "critical thinking" is variously defined as purposeful and systematic thought, reasoned and self-regulatory judgment and the skill to engage in an activity with "reflective skepticism."

In other words, we need to digest and think about what is worth knowing and remembering in our lives so that we can form meaningful conclusions and decisions.

Many of our youth today have a short attention span and lack the ability to retain information and develop creative ideas. One's ability to think and formulate positive results requires skill.

Technology is a gift to all of us - it is actually an art and a science that has allowed us to reap its benefits and enjoy it connectivity; but at the same time it is important to say that we must remain centered and equally connected with the basics of using our mind, ingenuity and interactive communicative skills to express our truths.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Saturday, June 16, 2012