Allow the simple things in life to set you on your true path.

meditation imageThere are many blessings attached to you when you choose to look at your lives with a vision of purpose and intent. Following your true life-path means being in alignment with what brings you joy. An important question to ask yourself often is: "What can I do today to feel more fulfilled?" By allowing you to ask this question, the answer will automatically flow in and through you in the form of a sign, a thought, a dream. Ideas will begin to pop into your head, you see a sign and it sparks a thought, a knowingness will burn within you and you will understand the direction that you need to follow. This is your Higher Self, Your Soul inspiring and igniting your flame, your passion and who is sharing with you the answer to what is the right path to follow for you. Following your path can be playful, but most definitely it should not be stressful.

I have found that when I meditate or spend time in quiet, I receive answers to some of my most important questions.

Some people think that meditating is a drag and a painful experience. There is actually no right or wrong way to meditate. Having said that, there are, I am convinced, thousands of books on the topic of meditation. While I am sure they are all helpful, the truth is that meditation is a very natural activity that can be done any time of the day or night.

For me the simplest way is often the best way. Allow me to give you three tips that I use on a regular basis.

1. Sit quietly with both feet on the ground. Place one hand on your lower stomach and one hand on your heart.

2. Focus on your breath breathing in and out slowly and deliberately. When you consciously do deep breathing, it reduces your stress level and opens your heart and soul to relax. Breathing also cleans out the immune system and enables it to function better.

3. Every time your mind wants to wonder make a statement: "I am allowed to be here and continue to focus on your breath.

You can create your own plan or use a guided meditation plan that we sell through our various meditation CD's.

Before I wake in the morning, while I am in a semi-conscious state, I often put my self in a state of bliss. In other words, I zone out [I empty my mind of any activity] and I allow my body to relax and become part of the Universal flow. It is an awesome experience because I visualize me without my body, floating in a Universal place of brilliant light, co-mingling with my Creator and simply "Being." I calmly and naturally resonate with the Universal Flow in the Great Void and enjoy the completeness of the nothingness. If for only this short period of time, I am totally and completely at ease, feeling whole and full of love. This for me is most rewarding. I hope you will try it too and experience for yourself the many that life has to offer.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Friday, October 3, 2014